Samsung’s Galaxy Buds get an upgrade with the Galaxy Buds+, which was launched alongside the brand’s newest flagships: the Galaxy S20 and the Galaxy Z Flip.

The new Galaxy Buds+ gets a major boost on battery life, with up to 11 hours of playtime compared to the Galaxy Buds’ 6 hours. The carrying case also adds another 11 hours of playtime while its predecessor allowed only 7 hours. Samsung also boasts that you can get an additional 1 hour of playtime with just a quick 3 minute charge, and it supports both wireless charging and wireless power sharing.

It also adds an extra speaker (woofer + tweeter) to amplify sound quality. Additionally, there is an extra outer microphone added to the Galaxy Buds+ for crisper calls. Its touch controls are also enhanced with a new volume control feature.

The Galaxy Buds+ come in three colors: black, white, and a gorgeous new pastel blue shade. It will retail at P6,990. Get it free when you pre-order the Galaxy S20+ and S20 Ultra from February 12-25.

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