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Behind it is 25-year veteran automotive and technology journalist Manny de los Reyes.

After close to five years of glossy print in 2.O Magazine, we have decided to make a much bigger splash in the digital realm as we transition to exclusively digital publishing in June 2019.

Sharing opinions on salient topics and helping make you better informed are at the core of what 2ndopinion.ph is about, too. 2ndopinion.ph aims to be at the center of public opinion on everything important and essential to you in the automotive, technology, and lifestyle realms.

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    Manny de los Reyes has been covering the automotive and technology industries for over 25 years. He is a multiple award-winning journalist who has been writing for the Philippine Star for 20 years and has been its motoring editor since 2012.

    Manny de los Reyes

    As a former cheerleader and track and field athlete, Alex enjoys all the thrills as she treads new ground and continues unboxing what life has to offer.

    Alexandra de los Reyes

    As an avid fan of both sports and music, you would never fail to find Tomas either hooping at your nearby court or jamming to his favorite artists. Majority of the time, however, you would find him doing both. Despite his immense passion for these hobbies, nothing can top his love for his beloved dogs!

    Tomas de los Reyes

    Enzo De los Reyes

    From sunny L.A. Diehard supporter of Liverpool Football Club and Lakers basketball. Other interests include street photography, streetwear, street tacos and clean energy tech (which also, happens to be on the street...)

    Carlo Peña

    Jacob is a certified gearhead who has an insatiable adoration for wagons and pocket rockets. He has been writing about cars for Motor1.com, a leading global automotive news site, while also sharing his thoughts about the local auto industry in his column in the Philippine Star’s motoring section, Wheels.

    Jacob Oliva

    Vincent has been writing about tech since 2014 then moved to motoring in 2016. Now he's juggling both while being a content specialist for an e-commerce website. On his off days, he goes back to his passion for photo, film, and music.

    Vincent Villa

    Haydee has always been an aspiring writer. She is deeply influened by books, music, and random but relevant stories she gets from stangers. She advocates for idea-laden communication as a tool in achieving emancipation.

    Haydee Ducay

    More known as "Markie" is a happy-go-lucky guy who has deep passions for tech, sports, and video games. You can either find Markie hard at work at the gym, or grinding the ranked ladders online.

    Mark Go