Rainy season is upon us again and that means flooded roads. We’ve had to go on ridiculous detours or wait for the waters to subside or—plunge into the depths with a prayer that the water does not damage any vital parts. Here are some tips for worry-free driving when the waters start to rise.

  1. Know the maximum wading depth of your vehicle

This height is set for each vehicle based on where the vulnerable systems are, like the air filter and distributor. Made in and for Southeast Asia, Nissan’s Terra offers drivers 225mm of ample ground clearance to confidently wade in up to 800mm of water, a height deep enough to submerge two stacked bowling pins. Watch the Terra prove its capabilities not only in urban floods, but while driving through a river with a strong current. 

2. Ease into the water at no faster than 3km/h

This reduces the chance of water entering the engine through the air filter and damaging electrical parts, as it creates a “bow wave” in front of the vehicle and a depression in water level around the engine bay. To assist drivers, the Terra’s 2.3-liter twin turbo diesel engine provides 190hp of power and 450Nm of torque to powerfully navigate submerged terrain with power.

3. Keep a constant speed and do not release the accelerator 

This prevents water from flooding the engine through the exhaust pipe. With features like Hill Start Assist, the Terra confidently manages inclines and hill ascents, even when water wading, to prevent the vehicle from rolling backwards. It holds pressure on the brake for a few seconds, providing enough time to switch from the brake pedal to the accelerator. 

4. Proceed one vehicle at a time 

This is so you will not be forced to stop in the middle of the flooded roads if the vehicle in front stalls. At just over 1.8 meters wide, the Terra offers an abundance of smartly designed cabin space yet allows urbanites to navigate even narrow flooded city streets.

5. After safely crossing a flood, check for any vehicle irregularity or debris

Check your vehicle and engine bay for any signs of debris that could be trapped inside. Emerging from a flooded street, Nissan’s Advanced Drive-Assist Display provides full details of the Terra’s system from tire pressure, to the 4×4 system. Most importantly, via the Intelligent Rear-View Mirror, Nissan Terra enables the driver to maintain an unobstructed rear view behind the vehicle, via a camera at the rear hatch.

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