The latest record Marvel has broken with Avengers: Endgame comes as no surprise. But now we have the numbers. The latest Marvel Cinematic Universe film pulled in a whopping US$1.2 billion globally during its opening weekend. This makes the film the eighth MCU movie to hit the billion-dollar mark. It is also the fastest any film has ever earned that much.

Disney franchise films are known to dominate the box offices when they come out, and Endgame is no exception. Avengers: Infinity War pulled in $630 million during its opening weekend and became the fastest film to ever cross the $1 billion mark.

Endgame had a bit of help that Infinity War didn’t. The Chinese box office pulled in $329 million during its opening weekend. Infinity War premiered a couple of weeks later than the global release.

But with the film serving as a culmination of the last 22 films in the MCU, it comes as no surprise that people are heading to the cinemas to watch how the Infinity Saga ends. Now, if you don’t know what to do with yourself post-Endgame, we have a few tips for you.