AOPEN officially launched in the Philippines last week, dipping into the ever-growing gaming industry as well as general consumer market with their high quality yet reasonably priced gaming and consumer monitors.

Acer, who handles sales, marketing, and after service support, brought the brand into the country. It is locally distributed by their channel partner, Innovista Technologies. The Taiwanese company is a subsidiary of Acer and they specialize in digital displays. AOPEN brings a portfolio of entry-level to professional monitors to cater to the different needs of each user.

With monitors ranging from P8,000 to P23,000, they currently offer five series—three of which are for gamers and two aimed at regular PC users. Among their gaming lineup are curved displays with wide-angle views. These which promise to offer an immersive experience. AOPEN’s monitors also have thin bezels for maximized display and is one of the four brands that have NVIDIA G-Sync compatibility.

It includes a six-axis color adjust feature, which allows you to optimize image quality so that the term “low resolution” doesn’t even have to exist in your vocabulary. It also gives you the freedom to “blend” colors or shades that would work best for them by adjusting the color range in either RGB or CMYK settings. AOPEN also incorporated a blue light filtering feature as well as a flicker-less technology to prevent eye strain.

Making sure their product extends to more than just simple displays, AOPEN also debuted a cool feature—something we used to only see in concerts. With their software device sync tech, you can control and program light sticks to flash a certain way or change colors when gaming or enjoying movies, shows, and audio. Wouldn’t it be great to have real-life light effects when launching volleys of attacks at your opponent? Or have them all synced up to your favorite beats when throwing a party?

AOPEN monitors are now available in partner distribution channels as well as select Complink, Villman, Silicon Valley, and PC Express branches nationwide. An AOPEN representative also noted that the light sticks will be available in a Philippines at a later date.