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Work From Home Effectively with these tips

Staying and working at home can be a disorienting experience to some especially for those who are used to doing their tasks in the office.

Samsung shares tips to boost productivity with the help of smartphones when working remotely:

1. Set an alarm and commit to the planned schedule

It’s a good habit to keep your sleep schedule consistent to keep your energy and productivity levels up. You can also try outlining your day and following the schedule.

Make sure to follow the task list for the day. Use the notes application to track important deliverables and plan out when to start doing them.

2. Always stay updated and connected

Smartphones are a handy tool to be in the know. Check out the news and make sure to get updates from reliable sources. Install mobile applications to receive information about current events. Trends can also help provide insights that can be used for work.

Maximize Bixby for daily routines. This smart virtual assistant adapts to users’ needs to simplify tasks such as setting alarms, managing schedule, looking for the newest trends, checking the weather, or getting news updates from reliable sources.

3. Join online classes

Sign up for online courses or webinars (web seminars). Some offer free talks or lectures about passion and productivity. For instance, some podcasts tackle how to effectively work remotely. There are also seminars about creativity and inspiring a person’s inner genius.

No need to make a grand set up to listen to these motivational discussions. A smartphone with reliable internet and earbuds will do.

4. Take up a hobby

Now’s the best time to explore your creativity by doing activities such as photo and video shooting, gaming, digital art, or even starting your own online business!

5. Squeeze in a workout session

Stay fit by participating in free online classes that teach yoga, workout, and other activities to help people stay in shape. There are also tutorial videos on YouTube that are available for streaming.

Meanwhile, Galaxy smartphones also have a pre-installed ‘Samsung Health’ application to track users’ recent work outs, food, water intake, weight, and sleep hours.

6. Take a break

Your well-being should not take a backseat while working at home. If meditation is not possible, try alternative ways to relax such as watching different series and films, or listening to music.

Use gadgets that would give you the best experience as you do these activities. The Samsung Galaxy S20 Series’ Infinity-O Display provides an immersive viewing experience that you can stream on for longer hours with its all-day intelligent battery.

Pair it with the Galaxy Buds+ for that ultimate audio experience with rich treble and bass, perfect for listening to music or watching videos.

7. Connect with family and friends after work

Check on loved ones constantly after work. It only takes around five minutes to text or call them to know how they are. It also helps to disconnect from work to avoid burnout.

From a mere tool for communication, smartphones are now an important instrument of productivity to help people continue their tasks no matter where they are. Most importantly, it also serves as a device to help them continue to take good care of their mental and physical health.

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