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Vios Balloon Payment Plus: A lighter option for a better normal

With the introduction of 2020 Vios this July, Toyota Motor Philippines also makes sure that the country’s best-selling sedan will be affordable to its customers with a new Balloon Payment Plus.

Among all the models in the Toyota Line-up, only the Vios comes with a complete value package of flexible financing terms through Toyota Financial Services Philippines, free periodic maintenance service up to 20,000 kilometers, free one year insurance through Toyota Insure, as well as trade-in discounts with the Toyota Certified Used Vehicles (TCUV) Program.  

But the COVID pandemic brought many consumers to different financial challenges – previous luxuries have to be cut down, monthly income has to be wisely spent.  With safe transportation considered essential part of the daily life, an affordable mobility partner comes in handy.

Considering these challenges, the new 2020 Vios is offered with a specialized financial plan that makes the monthly payment lighter, and the lump sum amount to be paid at the end of the term.  “This plan will surely be helpful to most of our entry-level customers who suddenly find themselves tightening their belts now, but surely looks forward to better days ahead when this pandemic is over,” explained Atsushi Murakami, Toyota Financial Services Philippines President. “Some customers are afraid to take the risk of balloon scheme, as it is more commonly known, because they are not sure if they can pay the big amount at the end.  But our Vios Balloon Payment Plus is different.  We reduce that risk for customers by guaranteeing the future value of their vehicle. This makes sure that customers have an option to trade-in the vehicle at the dealer, enjoy a better value for car to pay for the lump sum at the end of the term and also use the difference for the down payment of the next car purchase.” 

2020 Toyota Vios Balloon Payment Plus offers the following terms:

Model : Available for all 2020 Vios Variants starting July 27, 2020 through Toyota Financial Services

Applicable Model2020 Toyota Vios
Type of FinancingTFS Finance Lease
Down Payment20-30% of vehicle price
Lump Sum Amount* (% of the vehicle price)

Lump Sum Amount* (% of the vehicle price)

Lump Sum Amount* (% of the vehicle price)

Lump Sum Amount* (% of the vehicle price)
*Subject to change
24 months

36 months

48 months

60 months

Monthly payment inclusion:

Standard Periodic Maintenance for the whole term up to 20,000 kilometers per year.

TFS Balloon Payment Plus Benefits:

  • Lower monthly payments compared to other banks
  • Worry Free maintenance with the maintenance cost included in the monthly payments
  • Guaranteed future value
  • Flexible disposal with trade-in or pay-off options

“Because the Balloon Payment Plus is offered by Toyota Financial Services Philippines through Toyota Certified Used Vehicles (TCUV) Dealers and not just any bank or any used car shop, we ensure that vehicles are always in good condition, thus keeping a high resale value.  Our monthly plans, while already lower than traditional auto loans, also includes the periodic maintenance of the vehicle for the whole loan term,   We think this is a good option for customers who really need to manage their monthly expenses during this tough time,” concluded Mr. Murakami.

For more information about 2020 Vios Balloon Payment Plus, visit www.toyotafinancial.ph or inquire at your Toyota Certified Used Vehicle dealers at www.toyota.com.ph/toyota-certified-used-vehicles

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