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Apple gives the 27-inch iMac a big update, SSD now standard

Apple gives the 27-inch iMac a huge boost as it updated most internals including speakers and mics, while adding an additional option for the glass screen. As expected, it still has Intel processors instead of the just announced plan to move into Apple’s own processor technology.

The best thing is, the prices remain the same despite the upgrades. The 27-inch iMac still starts at ₱105,990.00 for the base model.


The processor has been updated to the latest 10th-gen i5 processors with the base and mid models having a 6-core i5 while the high-end variant starts with an 8-core i7. However, only the mid and high-end model can be upgraded to the 10-core i9 processor.

As for graphics, it’s been upgraded to the latest Radeon Pro 5300 of AMD with 4GB of GDDR6 memory. Only the high-end model starts with the Radeon Pro 5500 XT with 8GB GDDR6 and can be upgraded to the Radeon Pro 5700 or 5700 XT.

Apple also put their signature Fusion drive on the side and instead made SSD standard for the 2020 27-inch iMac. It starts with either 256GB or 512GB, depending on the model, with the mid model upgradable up to 2TB SSD and 8TB SSD for the high-end variant. RAM is standard at 8GB DDR4 that can be configured up to 128GB across all models. 

Rounding up the internals was an improved speaker, enhanced mic for clearer video calls, and an upgraded FaceTime camera that’s now 1080p.


While the screen is still at 5K resolution, you now have a True Tone display and the option to upgrade the glass to nano-texture, the same one used in their Pro Display XDR. What it does is instead of a matte coating to help lessen the glare on the screen, it uses a technology that the glass itself can  decrease reflectivity. That means a better view on your screen without any distraction. 

The other Macs

Apple also gave a small bump to the 21-inch iMac by giving it a 256GB SSD as standard, with the base model configurable to have a 1TB Fusion Drive for free. The mid and high-end model can also have a 1TB Fusion Drive free or up to 1TB SSD.

The iMac Pro was also given a boost by now having a 10-core Intel Xeon processor as standard, and can be configured up to 18-core Xeon.

The new 27-inch iMac and updated 21-inch iMac and iMac Pro are now available at Apple Philippines.

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