Did you know that Lexus has five models of luxury sport utility vehicles? If not then it’s high time you take this 10-minute read on Japanese Luxury SUVs 101. Here’s a quick look at five of the most refined yet astonishingly capable luxury crossovers and SUVs you can find on the planet, arranged from smallest to biggest.

Lexus UX (starts at P2,538,000)

The UX is Lexus’s baby SUV and is the gateway into the world of Lexus. It’s the starter model for the buyer who is looking for more luxury, comfort and convenience in a subcompact crossover. It’s powered by a 168-hp 2.0-liter gasoline engine mated to a CVT.  

The UX highly detailed driver-inspired cockpit showcases a craftsmanship that will meet your elevated standards. Driver connectivity is unparalleled, too. The UX has the style and substance to back up its impressive credentials—bold, confident, and sophisticated.

Lexus NX (starts at P3,208,000)

The compact NX is for those entering the next phase in their life and want to elevate their choice of vehicle even further. The NX raises the bar in that respect. Those who are making the shift from sedan to SUV—and want that bit more versatility and space—need not look further than the NX.

Its exterior is angular and muscular, with bends and creases that exude sophistication and style. The interior surfaces are padded in sumptuous leather, and there are nice and elegant touches throughout. It’s powered by a turbocharged 2.0-liter engine developing 235hp and 350Nm of torque–good for a 7.1-second 0-100 km/h acceleration and a 200 km/h top speed. It also comes in a Hybrid version, which costs P470,000 more. The NX is an ideal match for people who want distinctive head-turning style and refined performance in a luxury SUV. 

Lexus RX (starts at P4,378,000)

The 3.5-liter V6-powered midsize RX is a game-changer because it carries a special provenance. It’s not only the very first luxury SUV to wear the Lexus badge, it is one of the very first luxury SUVs—period. There’s a lot a history coupled with impressive sales performance throughout every iteration, too–the RX is Lexus’s bestselling SUV. Success is ingrained into its DNA.

The RX is a leader in the ubiquitous SUV arena because it appeals to growing families. It is on the top of the list of people who expect higher levels of safety, performance, practicality, and environment-friendly tech. A seven-seat option (in the RX 350L) plus available F-Sport and Hybrid (RX 450h) variants further expand its appeal. Luxurious, refined, responsive, and easy to drive—the Lexus RX is a pillar in the world of SUVs that you can rely on. It will impress luxury car buyers time and time again.

Lexus GX (P5,968,000)

If you need more power and the ability to tackle tougher off-road conditions, then the Lexus GX luxury midsize SUV will give you the confidence to leave the pavement and explore the wilderness.

Apart from its versatility, the GX is fitted with luxury features that you won’t find in crossovers. Once you hit the trails, you will forget that you are riding in an off-road capable SUV, thanks to all of its luxury accoutrements—from the driver-centric cockpit, 8-way power-adjustable seats, and premium interior materials. Under the hood of the GX is a powerful 292hp/438Nm 4.6-liter V8 that delivers power to all four wheels via a six-speed sequential shift transmission, a Torsen limited-slip center differential and an electronic differential lock.

Making sure that you will get home after being out in the wilderness is advanced off-road technology that will allow you to traverse the most challenging conditions. The GX is fitted with Multi-Terrain Select which optimizes performance to handle rock, dirt, mud, and sand. Paired with this is an Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) which continually adjusts shock-absorber damping rates while driving, delivering the type of smooth ride expected of a Lexus. Its Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDDS) ensures stable on-road manners and also allows front and rear stabilizer bars to adjust for full-suspension travel when off-road.

The Lexus GX is like the go-anywhere do-anything person ready for extreme adventures at a moment’s notice.

Lexus LX (P8,718,000)

The LX is the flagship luxury SUV of Lexus—and the ultimate statement. You have reached the pinnacle of your profession or business. Now is the time to own a vehicle that matches your success and capabilities. The LX symbolizes your ascent to the very top, your ability to conquer any summit and to face any challenges. 

At its core, the LX is a hardcore off-road vehicle that has proven itself to have one of the toughest and most reliable platforms. It is fitted with adaptive variable suspension, a rugged high-strength chassis, and the flexibility of multiple drive modes. Not only is it built on a heritage of off-road superiority, but in the guise of the LX, it offers even so much more. At your disposal is a massive 5.7-liter V8 engine (generating 362hp and 530Nm), robust 4×4 drivetrain, but with all of the features and luxury appointments that you can find on a Lexus. 

It’s all in the details when enveloped in the opulent interior. The sculpted wooden steering wheel matches all of the Shimamoku ornamentation, which is the elaborate art of alternating layers of dark and light wood veneer. In terms of space, quietness, speed, and capability, the LX is nothing less than absolute first-class travel on wheels. 

Which wraps up this class on the highly distinguished Lexus SUV family. Each model was born from a desire to create a vehicle that surpasses the highest standards. Built with Takumi craftsmanship; fitted with the advanced engineering and technology; and delivering an ownership experience like no other; there is a model here that is tailor fit to match every unique need. Whether on the road or on the most challenging off-road environment, driving a Lexus SUV is an extraordinary experience.