Pru Life UK today announced the launch of Pulse. The app is free for everybody to download and uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help users monitor their well-being and give them access to a healthier lifestyle. Already debuted in Malaysia last year, Pulse is the first of its kind in the Philippines.

Our country has one of the lowest per-person healthcare spent in Southeast Asia but its medical services are the second most expensive in the region. With the app, the life insurer hopes to pave the way into integrating digital tools into the healthcare system and make healthcare accessible to more people. Its pilot run was well received by the public, reaching around 600,000 downloads in Malaysia.

Not meant to be a replacement for medical professionals or a diagnosis tool, Pru Life UK has partnered with UK-based Babylon Health who supports the health-tracking end of Pulse. Babylon’s own app has over 3.5 million users globally.

Upon opening, the app asks the user to input details like their current lifestyle, activity, nutrition, and others and uses this data to do a health assessment—covering both physical and mental wellbeing. Afterwards, it returns a health score as well as a ‘digital twin’ which gives the user a quick overview of their body. There’s also a symptom checker feature which asks questions very much like what your typical GP would do and will give the user a general look at what may be ailing them. It leverages AI deep learning tech to give customized results and information based on the user’s profile. The app is customized per country, and the company has worked with linguists to make sure they use the right wording that can be easily understood by everyone. Additionally, Pru Life UK has also partnered with local partners to better address the needs of their users. A Filipino version of the app is also in the works and is set to debut soon.

Pru Life UK Chief Customer Marketing Officer Allan Tumbaga also revealed that Pulse will be part of a larger ecosystem and will soon also integrate smart wearables into the mix for real-time health monitoring.  

 “Pulse is meant to prevent, postpone, and protect [the user from possible diseases]. With it, we hope to better educate the public and reach remote communities who have little or no access to healthcare.” Explains Pru Life UK President and CEO, Antonio “Jumbing” De Rosas.

Pulse is available to download for Android users on the Google Play Store and will also be available soon for IOS.  

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