Looking for a side hustle?

Thinking of freelancing? Thanks to the internet, it’s now quite easy to land opportunities that can fit your skills and schedule.

According to the 2020 Freelancer Income Report of digital financial services company Payoneer, 70% of freelancers worldwide are millennials. In the Philippines, 67% of gig economy workers are below the age of 35. The report also included the most in-demand jobs right now. If you don’t quite know where to start or what jobs you can look for, we’ve compiled this quick list for you.

Web & Graphic Design

Highly-creative individuals who develop logos, posters, infographics, and user experience (UX) design for websites make up a bulk of the freelancers. Web and graphic designers possess familiarity on the latest design trends and are skilled in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and other editing software. Got a keen eye for detail and the necessary tech skills? Then maybe a freelancing role in this track is worth a shot.


As engineers of the web, programmers are equipped with expert coding proficiency, including in-depth knowledge of Java, HTML, C++, Wireless Networks, Objective-C, and PHP. With almost every business requiring a website nowadays, the demand for programmers continues to rise. If one wants to be a part of some of the most acclaimed websites, then working as a freelance programmer can be a good springboard.


Information technology specialists take care of computer systems and networks to ensure smooth and efficient operations. If one is computer-savvy, knowledgeable in troubleshooting software, and fond of experimenting and evaluating new technology, then exploring a freelance job in the IT sector sounds like a great option.

Multimedia Production

Multimedia artists are creative individuals who can communicate key messages of the business across multiple platforms—from images, to videos, to mobile apps, and more.

Content Writing

Freelance content writers often produce text for commercial use. They deliver their clients’ messages with their writing chops intended for magazines and newspapers, as well as online articles, journals, taglines, and internet content. If one dreams to see his or her work published online or in print, then this opportunity is well within reach.


The increase in expats working in the Philippines has opened a wider avenue for translators. If one has a grasp of a foreign language⁠—whether Chinese, Spanish, Korean, or Japanese—then that sets a competitive edge for a budding freelancer.


Freelance marketers work hand-in-hand with companies to promote awareness for their brands. Working in the realm of marketing is a good way to explore one’s creative skills and build a significant network of contacts, as it encompasses various roles, from writing, designing, to social media, and more.


Administrative support jobs offer various services to businesses and entrepreneurs from remote locations. Work ranges from scheduling appointments and managing tasks, to supporting end-to-end events and projects. If one can anticipate needs and keep things organized, then a freelance administrative role may just be the right job.

Customer Support

Customer support refers to the service offered to patrons whenever they have queries or issues concerning the brand’s offerings. If one is equipped with excellent people skills and communication expertise, then taking on this role, whether full-time or part-time, can be a good freelancing start.

Project Manager

Project managers take on a role that involves planning, organizing, and strategizing, to come up with a successful set of tasks to address their client’s business objectives. If one’s interests lie in work management, then delving into the role of a freelance project manager may come advantageous.

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