We’re midway into the year that marks the changing of the season! You know what that means—You’re due for a style upgrade. While you’re on your way to achieving  your plans this second half of 2019, why not up the ante with some brand new sneaks and trainers? This time around, have the perfect complement to your urban, everyday, and athletic needs as World Balance has the freshest set of kicks on the block with their new Athleisure collection.

See out top 3 favorites from the collection:

1. Mendell

Fashion meets function with World Balance’s Mendell. Not only do you get a relaxed and cool style that you can don anywhere, but it also doubles as a fitting sportswear for when you’re putting in your steps on your fitness tracker during a leisurely jog, or powering your way on the elliptical at the gym.

It isn’t just for show while working to tone your physique of course, as the lightweight, knitted make of Mendell also serves as a comfortable everyday pair that slips on and off easily, and the man-made leather accents are appropriate even for the modern office.

It’s made with Eva Outsole that provides better grip, and a Bounce Pad Insole System for superior comfort, preventing heel shock given the excellent cushioning in every step.

Available for P1,899 in black, white, or nude.

2. Flare Motion

The sock-like footwear trend is showing no signs of slowing down, and World Balance knows! That’s why it’s on top of the vogue by giving you Flare Motion.

It’s built for superior fit and designed for blending a selection of fashion pieces. So whether pairing it with jeans and a leather jacket or with Activewear pieces such as pants or a sports bra, you’re always sure to be rocking the right look.

The knitted mesh material adds breathability and lightweight comfort, and comes with the Molded Eva Midsole and Rubber Outsole for better cushion and traction. It also comes with the same Bounce Pad Insole System so you can get a move on for all-day activities anywhere, without the unwanted strain on your heels.

Available in black or white, nail the athleisure look and add flare to your style. It retails at P1,899.

3. Eccentra

Treat yourself and give your feet the east and boost it needs with Eccentra—the perfect shoes to stash by the door, ready for when you need a trusty pair to get you through the motions of your everyday routine! Be extra posh while doing errands or just running to the store, hit your aero class and do your pilates with ease, or get into step comfortably while walking the dog or heading to the park. These laceless, sock-like sneakers are sure to put the spring into your every step!

The heel pull tab provides wearability that’s quick and no-nonsense, while the flexible knit makes it light and featherweight. It also has a cushined Eva Outsole for a responsive step and of course the Bounce Pad Insole Sysyem for comfort and heel-shock prevention.

It’s available in gray, black, and nude at P1,899.

The Athleisure collection is also available in all World Balance outlets nationwide and online at https://www.worldbalance.com.ph.

For more information, go and check out the rest of the Athleisure collection here.

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