Travel and lifestyle online booking platform, Traveloka officially launched Traveloka Xperience in the Philippines, a simple and easy-to-use platform to discover and book travel and lifestyle activities on Traveloka—allowing you to book both land and ground transportation, entrance tickets to theme parks and tourist attractions, and more

Traveloka Xperience allows both locals and international travelers to enjoy diverse ranges of travel and lifestyle services to explore hidden gems inside or outside the country, and is also useful for locals who are not on vacation to enjoy unique experiences in their own neighborhood or somewhere across the islands.

During the event, Sylvia Gunawan, VP for Revenue & Growth of Traveloka Xperience share on the background of Traveloka Xperience, “At Traveloka, we have a mission to empower our users to discover the world around them. And we believe that discovering the world is fulfilled when our users are able to enjoy rich and unique experiences. We are very pleased to introduce the brand new Traveloka Xperience in the Philippines, which is an important and growing market for Traveloka.”

While, Milani Franco, Market and Partnership Manager of Traveloka Xperience Philippines added that, “Traveloka is proud to form partnerships with key players in various leading markets like attractions, tours, activities, beauty and health, sports, events, transfers, and more, and  introduce them to both local and international users. We would like to take this chance to recognize and thank the efforts of Traveloka’s business partners for the wonderful relationship and trust toward our growing platform.

Traveloka Xperience includes a selection to various attractions, events, beauty & spa; entertainment; sports; classes & workshops; tours; transports, as well as travel essentials. It currently offers more than 15,000 exciting inventories across more than 300 destinations globally.

Traveloka Xperience can be accessed via desktop, mobile, and app. It’s a hassle-free and reliable channel where you can easily book your trips and have access to a 24/7 customer support that is available in various languages. Multiple payment methods are also available for Philippines users. Traveloka Philippines is also partnered with the most reliable payment service providers to make sure every transaction is smooth and worry-free. 

Right now, Traveloka Xperience is also offering a special 20% discount by using the promo code XDEALSINT20 for International Xperience and XDEALSPH20 for Domestic Xperience from 23 July to 13 August 2019.

“Traveloka Philippines currently partners with thousands of product inventories in Philippines, and well above 15,000 when you include our international inventories. Traveloka Xperience’s focus on everything big and small and consistently popular ensures our wider, market leading appeal to a larger and growing customer base. Xperience is for anyone who wants to discover more of the many ‘worlds’ around them. The initial response to Xperience has exceeded our expectations and we look forward to building on this momentum and continually offering more experiences worldwide tailored to individual preferences and passions,” added Gunawan.

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