Fueled by its drive to optimize user experience by harnessing services and products from Google, OLX Philippines bagged top prize at the Google Mobile Hackathon 2017. Top developers and programmers from the country’s leading online classifieds platform were recognized for a number of unique innovations they developed to help users effectively search and browse products on the OLX website while holding their phones.

To meet the demands of an increasingly mobile world, hackathon participants were tasked to utilize Google’s Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) and Progressive Web Apps (PWA) to create faster and more efficient mobile-friendly webpages.

As the only team to go live with a majority of their output on the day of presentation, the group approached the task by setting two goals: increasing returning users and improving buyer and seller experience on OLX.

With the help of Google’s AMP, the team successfully reduced the average time to fully load a page by more than 50%, allowing more users to stay on the classifieds webpage for more comprehensive searches. Through Google’s PWA, the team also developed an immersive app-like experience that can be accessed through a simple click without the presence of a mobile application.

To increase buyer and seller connection, the OLX development team streamlined the sign-in process through the generation and suggestion of safe passwords. The team also demonstrated a friendlier offline web viewing experience through a cache system that allowed images to load first. This feature, which is still in its development phase, allows potential buyers to view more ad details even with intermittent internet connection.

The project’s PWA utilization, performance, and use of assistive technology earned top marks across its homepage, listings, and detail components.

“As we continuously work towards shaping winning transactions, it is in our best interest to be consistent and proactive in giving solutions to our Filipino customers. This victory motivates us to look at the different aspects of our customers’ journey that we can simplify through new technologies,” shares Sarah Kuizon, hackathon team lead, and OLX software engineering manager.

Apart from bringing pride to the company, the victory also spells OLX’s commitment in supporting its employees taking their craft to the next level. “It is by giving these opportunities to our employees that we are able to mold world-class Filipinos who are able to uplift lives through our platform,” shares Raffy Montemayor, OLX Philippines general manager.