Lenovo recently launched their line of 9th generation ThinkPads along with ThinkVision display solutions. Revamped to make them more portable, secure, and powerful, these devices are powerhouses and the ideal companion for organizations and enterprise owners. For example, virtual team collaboration is now an integral part of organizations.

“Technology has made it possible for the workforce to conduct business anywhere, anytime. To help organizations achieve maximum efficiency and productivity in a workspace with no boundaries, we at Lenovo continue to develop ThinkPad devices that are both exceptionally powerful and portable to meet today’s complex business demands.” said Lenovo Philippines Country General Manager, Michael Ngan.

The ThinkPad line has always been known for its hallmark features like the red trackpoint that helps boosts productivity. And with the five new ThinkPads under the new generation, Lenovo is making them even stronger and better than before.

Headlining the group is the T490, a powerful laptop that can come with a NVIDIA MX250 graphics card and can go up to 48GB DDR4 RAM. Unlike that of the previous generation, its battery is now no longer detachable.

the T490

Next, is the X390. Designed for mobile workers, it has a fast-charging cell with a battery life of up to 17.6 hours. With the battery able to go up to 80% in just an hour, you can easily take the 16.5mm laptop out to wherever work takes you. Ergonomics are important when you’re working outside and the X390 takes this into account with hinges that can tilt to a 180-degree angle.

the X390

The T490 and X390 are also equipped with a privacy guard tech which smartly blurs out the left and right side of the screen so that confidential data cannot be seen over the shoulder of the user. The x-series is also made with a carbon fiber material that can withstand tough falls and weather extremes, protecting the external chassis and of course, your data. All the laptops under the new ThinkPad line are also equipped with fingerprint readers and shutter cameras for added security.

Following these is the L390. Powered by an Intel i5 core coupled with up to 32GB DDR4 memory, it comes with a full HD touchscreen for easier task manipulation. Completing the lineup are the E490 and E490s. These entry-level Thinkpads can help you manage a busy work day with the E490’s Inte Optane Memory capability, optional two SODIMM, and optional dual-drive storage for faster performance.

the E490s

On the display and accessories side, Lenovo also launched a travel hub, multi-device powerbank, and monitors.

the M14 portable display, travel hub, and laptop powerbank

The travel hub, is basically a port replicator. it contains a VGA, HDMI, LAN, SS, USB 3.0, and USB type-C port for easy connectivity. The Laptop powerbank, as the name states, is fast-charging and can charge your laptops but it can also charge your other electronics.

Lenovo’s travel hub
Laptop powerbank

On to the ThinkVision line, Lenovo is furthering expanding its offerings with new ThinkVision displays⁠—the M14 and S24e-10. The M14 is a mobile monitor for those who need an extra display when on-the-go. Using the power of its source, it supports both laptops and mobile devices. At only 1.3 pounds, it contains two USB type-C ports for seamless transfers. The S24e-10, on the other hand, is designed for office use with its 23.8″ near-edgeless panel and full-HD 1920×1080 VA monitor.

The ThinkVision s24e-10


Availability and Pricing

Model NameLocal PricingLocal Availability
ThinkPad X390Starts at PHP 77,990Now Available
ThinkPad T490Starts at PHP 73,990Now Available
ThinkPad L390Starts at PHP 69,990End of July 2019
ThinkPad E490sStarts at PHP 57,990Now Available
ThinkPad E490Starts at PHP 43,990Now Available
ThinkVision M14Starts at PHP 13,990August 2019
ThinkVision S24e-10Starts at PHP 8,990Now Available