The success of a company hinges greatly on the character of its leader – more so when challenging times present themselves in various forms. Huawei is no stranger to such hurdles, and its achievement in becoming the second-largest smartphone manufacturer in the world is a testament to its strength as an organization, especially under the guidance of its founder Ren Zhengfei.

Media outlets recently interviewed Ren Zhengfei to gain insight on how he handles the gargantuan task of leading Huawei, what it means to aim for the top, cooperation with Western partners, and the value of people behind the scenes.

They say it’s the people who make a company, and Zhengfei rightly acknowledges this. Putting value in people and their talent, he emphasized that it is the people in the organization that accounts for the company’s success. He also extended his thanks to the US companies who have helped them make the company into a global brand. Zhengfei then challenged the notion of Huawei being a self-sustaining island consisting only of proprietary technology vision, stating his vision for Huawei as a company that co-exists harmoniously with the rest of the world, accomplishing goals and setting milestones together.

Sales figures and market shares aside, Huawei ultimately desires the betterment of society through its innovations in telecommunications. Ren Zhengfei dismisses any adversarial views on foreign tech companies, as he believes that these companies are partners in contributing meaningful change to people’s way of life.

Huawei has truly come a long way from its humble roots to a tech manufacturing giant – but Ren Zhengfei’s remarkable leadership keeps the company grounded and unwavering in its vision: building a better-connected world for this generation and the next.