How many times to you go to the bathroom in a day? Research shows that on average, people go to bathroom at least 6-7 times in a day—the bathroom is easily one of the most used rooms in a home, which in turn makes it prone to bad odors.

We all dream of the ideal bathroom that is clean, light and airy, and odor-free. Here are the top causes of bathroom odor and how to get rid of them for good!

1. Molds

Molds are a type of fungus that grows in moist and dark places—and this is why bathrooms are the perfect environment for them to cultivate—be it in the tile crevices, the walls, or other cracks that go unnoticed. Overtime, accumulated molds can cause an unpleasant, pungent smell in the bathroom.

Allow your bathroom to air out after cleaning to prevent excess moisture from building up. Scrub in between tiles and use a good detergent to kill spores and inhibit mold growth.

2. Trash bins

Aside from regularly emptying out your trash bins, make sure to give them a good clean with soap and water every two weeks or so to disinfect it as well as remove any residual bacteria that may be lurking.

3. Shower curtain

While shower curtains provide a decorative touch to any bathroom space, they are also the harbors of mold and mildew. As they are often left damp, fungi may grow on it and the product residue buildup can all create bad odors.

It’s usually better to use a plastic shower curtain so that it dries off easily and will not absorb murky water. But if you are using a cloth shower curtain, then make sure to regularly wash it to keep it fresh and clean.

4. Towels

Moist in towels allow bacteria and fungi to grow—that’s the reason why your towels become smelly. So, make sure to always hang your towels to dry.

5. Poor Ventilation

Airflow is essential in keeping your bathroom clean and odor-free. With poor ventilation, it becomes the home for bacteria and fungi because of the accumulation of moisture. A bathroom without windows is bad news, that’s all we’re saying.

Bathroom fit for a King

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It can last for up to 45 days and it is available in four scents: lavender, fresh soap, zesty lemon, and fresh apple.