On the occasion of her 120th birth anniversary, Google pays tribute to Josefa Llanes Escoda with a doodle on their homepage.

In the doodle, girl scouts are seen exploring with Escoda, who is guiding them to the right patha close portrayal of how Escoda led young Filipinas towards preparing for their responsibilities to the nation and to the world community. Escoda is also shown wearing a shawl similar to the iconic Girl Scout scarf.

When Josefa Llanes Escoda was attending elementary school in Dingras, her hometown in the Philippines, she went to class despite an impending typhoon. “I’ll not let the weather keep me away from school,” the determined young student told her mother. After graduating as valedictorian, she went on to join the Red Cross and win a scholarship to the United States, where she studied social work, earning a masters degree from Columbia University.

Born on this day in 1898, Escoda was the eldest of seven children and always expressed great interest in women’s issues.  A strong advocate for female suffrage, she worked tirelessly to make sure voting rights were extended to all Filipino citizens.  She founded the Boy’s Town in Manila for underprivileged youth in 1937 and the Girl Scouts of the Philippines in 1940, changing the lives of young Filipinos for the better.

Escoda’s face appears on the 1,000-peso bill, and streets, buildings, and a monument have been dedicated in her honor. As a living legacy to her work, the Girl Scouts of the Philippines pay tribute to Escoda by celebrating her birthday each year with acts of service, carrying the example she set forward for generations to come.

On September 20, visitors clicking the doodle on google.com.ph will discover more about the life of Escoda, her invaluable contributions and outstanding achievements in the service of the community.

Google Doodles are fun alterations of the company logo to celebrate holidays, events and lives of famous people. In the Philippines, Google has created doodles to pay homage to esteemed Filipino artists Levi Celerio and Francisco Balagtas. Its most recent doodle highlights the rich marine life of the Philippine seas to mark the 120th Independence Day.

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