In 1968, the first version of Vespa Primavera arrived on the world stage — and immediately became a revolution for the scooter industry. Small, nimble, and propelled by a perky engine, the Primavera gave freedom to several generations and remained in continuous production until 1982.

Today the Vespa Primavera embodies all the values ​​that, half a century ago, made it successful. Young, innovative, technologically avant-garde, agile and dynamic, and environmentally friendly, Vespa Primavera is a modern bike, inheriting the freshness and joie de vivreof its progenitor.

The new Vespa Primavera S Special Edition on display at Uptown Mall last weekend

Following the success of the Vespa Primavera 50thAnniversary and Vespa Primavera Yacht Club models, Vespa is launching this year a new Special Edition of its most stylish version. The Primavera S shows sportier and bold characteristics that are further emphasized with this model.

Based on the classic and elegant originality of the Primavera family, this exclusive edition adds a modern dynamic touch, representing a more refined personal taste, a flavor of reserved luxury, which is not only a desire of women but also attracts the strongest men towards unisex beauty.

The steel body of Primavera S comes in stunning Glossy Orange Tramonto  and Matte Grey Stile.

This sophisticated Vespa is strongly characterized by the dark gray shield edge, crest, rims, tie, rear and front light frames. More charm is further added by the sporty stickers contrasting with the color of the body: dark/light gray on the Orange Tramonto and orange/gray on Grey Stile. The boldness of the scooter is stressed by refined statement-making specifics, as the black saddle with orange stitching and the orange horn cover.

The Primavera S Special Edition is equipped with five-spoke 12-inch aluminum wheels, which provide greater stability, improved safety and better holding on all surfaces and in all road conditions. LED front and rear lamps, together with LED daytime running light, anti-theft immobilizer system and ABS front disc brake compose the safety equipment. 

All Primavera S models are equipped with a USB charging port that enhances convenience for users in a need of charging for phone, tablet and small electronic devices. 

The new Primavera S is driven by a modern one-cylinder, air-cooled, four-stroke, 150cc 3-valve, fuel-injected iGet engine. Each detail, from the exhaust to the inner structure of the transmission casing, was designed to provide a smooth, quiet and comfortable ride. 

The engines are absolutely environmentally friendlyand perform at the top of their category, with extremely low fuel consumption. 

The Vespa S Primavera SE 2019 will soon be available at the Vespa Showrooms located at Greenhills San Juan and Eastwood Libis QC. For more details, please call (02) 87222555.