Fulcrum Esports, which opened its first esports hub last December 6, 2019, is accelerating the development of esports in Rizal with its regular weekly gaming tournaments.

Rotating between the most popular esports titles like DOTA 2 and League of Legends as well as First Person Shooting Game, Counter-Strike: Global Operations. The weekly in-store tournaments are a hit with not only the amateur teams in the region but also teams coming from Metro Manila.

Winners of the weekly tournaments which is held every weekend at the esports hub.

Fulcrum Esports also hosted last month’s first-ever Call of Duty Modern Warfare PC tournament. Leveraging on the power from their ASUS ROG GL10 gaming rigs and equipped with Nvidia RTX 2060 graphics cards, the tournament was extremely well received. There were a total of 10 participating teams that came from Rizal, Makati and as far north as Quezon City. When the smoke cleared, only two teams emerged to battle it out in the Finals.

Team Refelx1ty Gaming and Elite Combat Unit (eCu) advanced to the Finals
which was held at the Nvidia day 2020.

Nvidia Day 2020

Fulcrum Esports through their partnership with ASUS Republic of Gamers and Nvidia lend their expertise to handle the showcase match of Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Banking on the rules and procedures established during the qualifiers, Fulcrum Esports was able to deliver a seamless experience to players, organizers and fans.

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