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WFH hacks with the Huawei P40 Pro

In a world of multiple screens, the Multi-Screen Collaboration could just be the life hack you’ve been looking for

We’ve been thrown into an all-new working style ever since everyone was asked to stay at home to stay safe. While some of us might revel in the opportunity of working at home, there are still some of us who might just be anxious with the loss of routine and the loss of in-person contact with colleagues during working hours.

This is totally normal, after all, we are all creatures of habit, and it would take some time to adjust to a new working environment that normally takes up at least 48 hours of our time every week.

And so, if you are working at home, here are some tips to stay productive and maintain your self-discipline. 

Keep up your old routine

If you wake up at 7am to prepare for work, it is advisable to continue doing so. Wear your working clothes even though there is no one to see what you wear if it helps you. Keeping up your daily routine could prevent you from feeling lost when there’s a drastic change of environment and gets your mind ready for the workday.

It’s all about location

Stay away from your bed and treat where you are like a real office. To that day, find a dedicated and comfortable spot to work. Of course, sitting too long at your desk might create unwanted pressure on your body and posture, so you might want to talk a walk once in a while and stretch your legs.

Set a deadline for your task 

You might find it less distracting at home when your colleagues would no longer drop by at your desk and discuss work with you, but it also meant that you suddenly have more time focusing on your tasks.

As you have less distraction to make you to “go with the flow”, you have a bigger responsibility to arrange your schedule tasks that list out what you expect to accomplish by the end of the day, and setting a deadline for your list of tasks would be a good start.

Stay focused with Huawei Multi-screen Collaboration

When you are at home, you would probably rely more on your devices to complete the tasks.

The Huawei Multi-screen Collaboration is a unique feature that allows for seamless collaboration between Huawei laptops and smartphones. With just one tap, your phone’s screen will pop up on the laptop, and then you can control both devices at the same time with one keyboard and touchpad.

Huawei’s Multi-screen Collaboration goes one step further with the newly released HUAWEI P40 Series running EMUI 10.1. The laptop resources can now be virtualised and utilised by smartphones – not just its screen, keyboard and touchpad, but also the laptops’ camera and audio peripherals.

Use the right tool to make mobile video calls

Apart from text messages and audio calls, video calls is another efficient way to communicate with your teammates, clients and partners when you are working remotely.

On Huawei’s Multi-screen Collaboration, after a smartphone is connected with a laptop, popular communication apps such as WhatsApp and WeChat can tap into the laptop’s camera and microphone for video calls. You can make video calls to your mobile contacts with your laptop.

Access files on the smartphone as you would on your computer

Work-related documents are sent through messaging apps, articles downloaded from websites, or pictures taken through your smartphone can be shared easily when you are using the Multi-screen Collaboration.

You can now open up files such as Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and photos on your smartphone directly using PC software – no prior transfer required. 

Huawei P40 Series and Huawei AppGallery

While both devices come with mobile office apps and features as standard, users can also find plenty of additional apps on the Huawei AppGallery. As the third-largest app distribution platform globally, AppGallery has plenty of design, food delivery apps such as FoodPanda, Lazmart, Eatigo, Booky, and productivity apps available such as WPS Office, PhotoGrid, Camera 360 and LayOut, among others. New apps are added to the AppGallery’s rapidly-growing selection everyday which cater to a variety of interests such as gaming, social media, entertainment, photography, travel, and more.

Power up your visionary thought process even in the confines of your home. Let your imagination take shape on the Huawei P40 Pro and watch it come to life with your creativity. The Huawei P40 Pro retails for SRP Php 50,990 and the Huawei P40 retails for SRP 36,990. 

Make the most out of your Huawei Ecosystem

From time to time, you’d want to grab your laptop and move around. With Huawei’s Multi-screen Collaboration, you can easily make your smartphone into a cellular hotspot with just a click.

Unlike a personal hotspot which requires a password and connects like a standard Wi-Fi access point, the process of connecting to your smartphone with your laptop is easier. With this function, you can still stay connected and keep on working wherever you are.The traditional office work may still be alive, but it’s time for you to seize this opportunity to make full use of the opportunity to explore and enjoy the new ways of working.

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