I’ve always felt that, after a pleasant and spirited drive on a traffic-free stretch of road, the best way to bond with your car is by washing and waxing it. Nothing feels more satisfying to a true car guy (or gal) than seeing dirt and grime rinsing off a car’s body and then drying and polishing the paintwork to a gleaming finish.

Which is why it was a pleasant change from the usual car launch or ride-and-drive event when I participated in the SONAX Media Experience Day held recently at the picturesque Escala Hotel on a cool and foggy (and occasionally drizzling) weekend in Tagaytay City. 

It’s been a while since I last soaked my hands in car shampoo, dabbed car wax on a special applicator, and then polished it all off for a brilliant shine. Stepping back to admire my (and my team’s) handiwork and looking at our own reflection on a car door was truly a special moment. 

     Washing and waxing one’s car is highly therapeutic and a very effective stress-reliever.

VW Tiguans being prepped for washing 

     And now, in a move to reintroduce the brand to the public and to raise the level of awareness about the benefits of having one’s car protected from the elements, SONAX, Germany’s number one automotive car care and detailing brand, held the aforementioned Media Experience Day.

In attendance were SONAX representatives led by Werner Hoffman, Area Sales Manager for Asia-Pacific of SONAX Germany and Jeremy Ong, SONAX Asia Regional Manager. “Our goal for this event is to reintroduce the SONAX product line and to explain the DIY qualities of our product range,” explained Hoffman, who flew in just for this event.

Werner Hoffman, Area Sales Manager for Asia-Pacific of SONAX Germany and Jeremy Ong, SONAX Asia Regional Manager, demonstrate how to properly wash and wax a car

Hoffman and Ong hosted a classroom session with the members of the motoring media, wherein participants expanded their knowledge about the history and the unique proposition of the brand. “It is important to explain the technical aspects of our products,” said Ong.

The classroom session focused on the brand’s line-up, which included the Gloss Shampoo, Easy Shine, High-Speed Wax, Brilliant Shine Detailer, Xtreme Interior Cleaner, Leather Care Foam, Tire Gloss Gel and Wheel Cleaner. The organizers of the event staged an activity wherein the media members were given the task of cleaning their personal cars. This activity allowed the media to experience the DIY capabilities of the SONAX line. “It is meant to show how the right products can give you the brilliant shine results, even without having your car taken to a professional detailer,” added Ong.

SONAX’s Jeremy Ong explains to STAR Wheels contributor Enzo de los Reyes the fine points of polishing

A social media competition added spice to the event by having the participants post their detailed cars online with the hashtags #SONAXExperienceDay2019 and #SONAXBrilliantShine.

As an OEM detailing supplier/provider of automotive brands for Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Volkswagen, local automotive brands supported the SONAX activity by providing vehicles for the event. Motor Image Pilipinas provided a 2019 Subaru Levorg and Nissan sent their Patrol and Terra SUV’s that were used as demo cars for the car wash activity.

A Nissan Terra being washed by STAR Wheels contributor Enzo de los Reyes

“SONAX products have undergone stringent testing and each product is a result of years of research and development,” added Hoffman.

SONAX products and detailing services are available in dealers and car wash establishments nationwide. More information can be found at the official FB page: fb.com/SONAX.Ph.