If there’s one big area of concern when it comes to buying a new car, it’s peace of mind. Peace of mind that comes from knowing that your new car will deliver years and years of dependable performance. 

Of course, “dependable” means not just the ability to start the engine every time you get in the car. Dependable means reliable and easy-to-access service. Dependable also means a generous stockpile of spare parts anywhere and anytime you need it. Even the longest warranties and premium nameplates are pointless if a car company fails to back that up with competent service and readily available spare parts—and you end up with a car sitting idle for weeks or even months in a “five-star” service bay. Believe me, I speak from experience and those of friends and family.       

Dependable also means a confidence-inspiring set of standard safety features. Accidents are just that—accidents. And even the most defensive driver is only as safe as conditions and other motorists around him are (i.e. a careful motorist driving beside a reckless driver or in treacherous conditions is not really that safe). Which is why standard features like standard ELR safety belts for all occupants, dual SRS airbags, Anti-lock Braking Systems, and Vehicle Stability Control go a long way in helpingensure (instead of outright “ensuring”)you and your loved ones (deleted “always” here)get to your destination in safety and comfort. (Needless to say, these safety features are there to add an extra layer of safety and protection—safety is ultimately in the driver’s hands.)  

But that’s not all as far as dependability and long-term ownership satisfaction are concerned. Resale value goes a long way when time comes to trade in your car for a newer one. And we all know which brand commands the highest resale value of all—not just here but in every automotive market in the world.


When we buy a new car, we’re always looking for advantages. And no car brand can match the Toyota Sure Advantage.

First, its great value makes it an effortless purchase. Buying a Toyota is one of the smartest decisions a consumer will make. The flexible financing plans, fair trade-in value, and high resale value ensure you’re getting the most return for your money.

Second, owning a Toyota will be a breeze with the brand’s personalized and hassle-free services at 70 dealerships and five service centers nationwide, enhanced by periodic maintenance programs like one-hour express maintenance service, accessible one-stop shops, Toyota quality service, Toyota genuine parts, Toyota genuine accessories and Toyota Insure.

Third, Toyota puts a priority on safety and comfort with leading safety features such as, seven SRS airbags for collision protection, Vehicle Stability Control, ABS, Hill Start Assist for safe and easy uphill acceleration, and Brake Assist for emergency braking.

Fourth, the new generation of Toyotas boasts technologies that truly matter. For one thing, they’re built on the state-of-the-art Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) platform, which forms the foundation of all the latest Toyota and Lexus models beginning in late 2015. Of course, Toyota is at the forefront of hybrid and fuel cell electric vehicle technologies with the world bestselling Prius hybrid and the game-changing Mirai FCV. Then there’s Toyota Safety Sense (TSS), which is a suite of active safety features fitted on many new Toyotas, often at no additional cost. These include features like the Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, Lane Departure Alert, Automatic High Beams, Road Sign Assist, and Lane Tracing Assist—practical and effective technologies that seemed like stuff of science fiction just a few years ago.      

When you own a Toyota, it means experiencing firsthand the brand’s signature durability and reliability that’s proven on the road and on track (as seen in over half a decade of exciting and highly competitive motorsports in the Vios Cup and the Vios Racing Festival). I was fortunate to have experienced such high-quality competition in the inaugural Vios Cup in 2014, which fielded then then-biggest-ever Philippine grid of 30 racecars to take the green flag. Despite lots of on-track action (including quite a few fender benders in two grueling 15-lap heats), every single car finished the race.

It is this almost otherworldly bulletproof dependability (even in the crucible of racing—and even taxi and TNV use) that has made Toyota the gold standard of the industry. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what you call the Toyota Sure Advantage.