The new RealMe 5 steps up with its gorgeous design featuring a comprehensive enhancement of the brand’s new-generation diamond texture through a brand-new visual effect— holographic color with the cutting texture. The beauty of the design matches the beauty of what its camera can capture. RealMe 5 also adopts Qualcomm’s eight-core Snapdragon 665 AIE processor for strong performance. It has a 5000mAh high-capacity battery for extended usage, allowing users to browse social media or play games to their hearts’ content.

To further enhance excellent game, audio, and video experience, the RealMe 5 is equipped with a 6.5-inch extra-large field of view. The internal structure of RealMe 5 screen adopts a newly-upgraded stack process, which, on the basis of guaranteeing functions, creatively draws the parts and components closer to each other allowing users to have less visual disturbance while enjoying the comforts brought by the big screen. 

The upgraded 3D body design was originally based from the typical RealMe design, which retains the matte diamond pattern of the previous generation. The new generation now adopts the original polished surface and new nano scale textures. The whole design process involved 15 times of prototyping and 78 times of detailed adjustment at the back. Its nanometer holographic color with cutting texture can be featured in two colors—crystal blue and crystal purple. On top of this young and trendy design, it also boasts water-proofing, thanks to three splash-resistant layers inside and out. 

RealMe made a breakthrough with its quad-camera system, making users experience flagship imaging with multiple functions and scenes. Since light is the soul of photography and the bigger the lens aperture is, the more the amount of light for your camera, RealMe 5’s 12MP camera with f/1.8 large aperture and 1.25um ultra-large single-pixel area secures enough light to make your pictures clearer and brighter. RealMe 5 is also equipped with a 199° ultra-wide-angle lens which can be used when taking photos of landscapes, buildings, and large group photos to avoid having to step back to fit the frame. This option is accessible with just one click. In addition, the distortion calibration algorithm customized by RealMe solves the pain point of edge distortion in traditional ultra-wide-angle photos, making wide-field photos more real and amazing. On top of these, it is also equipped with Ultra Macro Lens, Portrait Lens, Nightscape Mode, ChromaBoost, 240fps slow-motion video recording, and lastly SelfiePro. 

For music lovers, RealMe has developed the Dirac Power Sound small speaker sound quality optimization technology jointly with Dirac Research AB. This tech is specifically targeted at the three major performances of small speakers used in mobile phones for targeted sound quality optimization: overall sound quality, bass and volume. Sound quality becomes more transparent, balanced, and natural, while significantly increasing the volume without distortion due to overload, and makes the bass more powerful and deeper.

RealMe also developed localization functions based on regional characteristics, providing apps and features that are more suited to a user’s habits such as the Real Private. This feature creates a more convenient and suitable for users to hide applications, photos, files and other contents at will. This may be done through separately setting privacy fingerprint, manually locking the mobile phone, and turning off the biometric password of the mobile phone.

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