Have you ever wanted a lightweight and compact camera that can be a great travel buddy? Sony’s entry-level A6000 mirror-less camera has long been a top-seller ever since it was released in early 2014 because of its excellent value for money. It has been acclaimed by novice and amateur photographers and even professionals. And finally, only late last year, Sony unveiled a better version, the A6100.

The new A6100 has an APS C-size, 24.2-megapixel Exmor CMOS sensor and brings in a lot of improvements and upgrades similar to those in of the latest mid-range A6400 and top-end A6600. It now has better noise suppression to produce cleaner images in any setting, whether bright or dark. The native ISO sensitivity that reaches a maximum ISO 32,000, now comes with an expanded ISO up to ISO 51,200 for stills. It also comes with the latest BIONZ X image-processing engine. 

With this entry-level camera, you can follow your subject with reliable precision because of Sony’s sophisticated AI subject-tracking algorithms. This real-time tracking will not let you down. On top of that is Sony’s unique Eye AF for unprecedented power for all your portrait shots. In addition, this also has Real-time Eye AF for your furry friends. I can finally put those shots to good use since for me, furry friends are the only subject worthy to take a picture of. 

Not only can you maximize the photos you take when you travel, but you can also enjoy recording the best memories. The Sony A6100 now has high-resolution 4K (QFHD: 3840 x 2160) movie recording while the A6000 only had 1080p. You can now also enjoy slow (at up to 5x) and quick motion (at up to 60x) and high-speed 120fps recording. The A6100 also has a Phase-detection AF and contrast-detection working together. On top of that, the camera’s new Touch Tracking feature makes it easier to continuously track your subject by just simply touching the LCD screen. This LCD is now a touchscreen and is also tiltable up to 180° for self-portraits as well as high- and low-angle shots. 

All these features are perfect for someone who’s on a budget and who wants to pack light. The A6100’s body also uses a highly rigid plastic to ensure durability as well as to maintain its light weight. For convenience, the camera can be powered with a USB cable. It also provides an HDMI micro jack to allow use of an external monitor, and an external microphone may also be attached through the built-in jack to produce better vlogs or movies. 

All these features and upgrades literally come at a cost, however. The new A6100 has become a lot more expensive than its predecessor— nearly twice as much. It starts at P49,990 while its predecessor ranged from P20,000 to P25,0000 when it was released. 

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