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The MiLi product line up powers your life in the new normal

MiLi’s wide range of electronic products are designed to make the transition to our ‘new normal’ convenient and stress-free. These products range from power banks that cover you in emergencies when your phone is out of battery, to car chargers which ensure you always have your phone battery topped up when you are on your commute. MiLi has a variety of power bank offerings at various prices depending on what you need. 

The Wireless Power Bank

Wireless power banks are more suited for the workplace with stable surfaces such as a table or desk that will keep your phone in position without the need for a cable

The Power King II

The Power King II comes in black and is a wireless charger with an option for Type C and original USB plugins. It operates at a maximum of 30W with 17,400 mAh capacity. It comes with a pouch, USB type-C cable and a silicone suction pad you can use to keep your phone from slipping.  This retails at ₱3,750, the highest price point of the power banks because this Power King can also charge laptops and tablets that use the USB-C port. Yes, it’s that powerful, it can charge the new range of MacBooks and other laptops on USB-C. This makes it great for working mobile, you wouldn’t need to carry the actual outlet charger anymore.

The Power Magic IV

By comparison, the Power King IV is the most affordable wireless power bank that also offers Type-C and regular USB ports with a 10,000mAh capacity. It retails for just ₱1,400 and comes in white. It also comes with a USB Type-C charging (not data) cable.

The Wired Power Bank

These wired power banks are perfect for commuters who charge from their handbag or backpack where personal items have a tendency to move around.

The Power King III

The second most expensive power bank is the Power King III. It retails at ₱3,100 and does not have a wireless charging feature, but it has the highest battery capacity at 20,000mAh and accepts Type C and original USB plugins. The Power King III’s high mAh rating means it lasts longer and has triple the charging speed to boot. It’s also powerful enough to charge laptops and tablets that have USB-C ports.

The Charging Cables

To accompany these power banks, you will ideally like to have a quality cable to pair with it. MiLi has you covered with two options: their Type-C to Lightning Cable comes in an Apple white and retails for ₱580. They also offer a one-meter-long 3-in-1 cable with Lightning, Micro and Type-C connectors that retails for ₱645.  All of the cables are available in 1m, 2m, and 3m.

These cables are a bit more expensive than the usual ones you find in a thrift store but a lot cheaper than those Apple cords that can easily break. If you don’t know yet those cheap ones you find are really tempting. But if it seems too cheap to be true, it probably is and it can damage your phone. Luckily, at MiLi’s price point, it also certified MFI — Made For iPhone, which is what you need to look for if you’re an Apple user. MFI is the benchmark for third-party accessory brands because it means that it underwent stringent tests and evaluation with Apple.

The Charging Stations

To fully ensure your numerous devices are charged, MiLi offers the Charger Station III with 2 USB-C and 4 regular USB ports, making for 6 total devices that can be charged simultaneously. This charging station comes in gray and retails for ₱1,900. 

Charger Station III – P1,900

While this sizable station will work better in a home or office setting, MiLi has you covered on the road with its two car charger offerings. The first of these is the MiLi Smart 4.8 USB Car Charger, which is a simple but sleek compact charger that can fit in most car storages. It retails for ₱760. The second is the MiLi Smart Speed which offers fast 24W charging to two devices at the same time. This retails for ₱550.

The PhonePure

Lastly, we have the Phone Pure. It’s a pouch that sterilizes your phone or anything that can fit inside. It uses UV-C technology and it retails for P850. Watch our full video to know more about it:

The vast variety of useful accessories and devices from MiLi will help power you through the day in this ‘new normal.’ Each product offers something unique and incredibly useful whether you are working from home or constantly on the move. 

All of these products include 1 Year Warranty and are available now at the official MiLi flagship store on Lazada (www.lazada.com.ph/shop/mili). To learn more, follow the official MiLi social pages on Facebook (facebook.com/MiLiPhilippines) and Instagram (@miliphil).


MiLi Power King II (17,400mAh capacity)P3,750
MiLi Power King III (20,000mAh capacity)P3,100
MiLi Power Magic IV (10,000mAh capacity)P1,400
MiLiCharger Station IIIP1,900
MiLi Type-C to Lightning Cable (1m)P580
MiLi 3-in-1 Cable (Lightning, Micro, Type-C) (1m)P645
MiLi Smart 4.8 USB Car Charger P760
MiLI Smart SpeedP550
MiLi PhonePureP850
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