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The Huawei FreeBuds Pro — experience premium listening for only PHP6,999 this February

Want that premium, flagship device but without the high price tag? What are the odds that we often get what we want with the budget that we have? Well you’re in luck because the FreeBuds Pro – Huawei’s flagship earphones – are only priced at P7,999 P6,999. Yes, you read that right. Huawei is giving you P1,000 off for their flagship earphones and on top of that, you get a FREE FreeBuds Pro Case & a Bluetooth Speaker total worth ₱1898!

We have reviewed the FreeBuds Pro a while back and gave it a solid 8.7/10! Keep reading to find out why!

Build and design

These earphones from Huawei are unique in their square geometric shape which bring to mind piano keys. However, this shape does make it a tad difficult to take the earphones out of its case. The Huawei FreeBuds Pro comes in three metallic colors: Carbon Black, Ceramic White, and Silver Frost which we have on hand. It has a similar shape as the Apple AirPods Pro but the FreeBuds have more rounded edges. It came with two other silicon ear tips, a smaller and larger size to be able to provide the perfect snug fit. The earphones also utilizes a series of smart and green innovative technologies and has also obtained the world’s first SGS Grade I Certification.

The FreeBuds Pro adopts a dual-core magnetic circuit design, equipped with an 11mm super steady-state magnetic dynamic driver. The earphones even add a customized damper between the speaker and the dynamic driver. This technology is derived from Hi-Fi. This damper is like the “anti-shake” system of the earphone.


Huawei’s Intelligent Dynamic Active Noise Cancellation system is composed of an acoustic perception system and a dynamic perception system. It is said to cancel noise up to 40db although you can still hear minimal background noises. It has three high-sensitivity microphones, an 11mm super-magnetic steady-state dynamic driver, a bone voiceprint sensor, and other premium acoustic components. These high-quality acoustic components can quickly and accurately pick up external environmental sounds.

If you don’t want to cancel out noises, you can opt to use Awareness Mode to stay alert of what’s happening in your periphery environment. The FreeBuds Pro also has a unique Voice Transparent mode, which can properly reduce the ambient sound so the user can hear other people’s voices with clarity. Even with active noise cancellation on however, the user will still be able to speak to people and hear them clearly.

Users can also manually adjust their listening experience with a swipe or pinch of their fingers. Pinching allows the wearer to answer or hang up calls, pause or play songs, switch songs, and turn noise cancellation on or off. Lastly, swiping up or down on the square surface of the earphones increases or decreases volume which is a feature most earphones still don’t have.

The earphones sport a three-mic system. The two outer microphones are located at the top and bottom of the earbud handle, paired with anti-wind-noise conduits that can effectively weaken the wind noise. For sound pickup, Huawei adopts beam shaping technology, which can directionally pick up the sound made by the user to avoid noise interference and make the voice purer. During a call, the FreeBuds Pro’s bone voiceprint sensor detects the vibration of the user’s head tissues and automatically identifies and optimizes the voice.

Despite the earphones being a small and sophisticated smart audio device, it creates an excellent sound quality experience and pursues the trend of smart hearing with customized acoustic components, AI and chipset. The FreeBuds Pro adopts a dual-core magnetic circuit design, equipped with an 11mm super steady-state magnetic dynamic driver, which offers a larger amplitude space for better sound. For music with higher and lower frequency, the FreeBuds Pro easily presents the rich details naturally and accurately.

The FreeBuds Pro is equipped with the Kirin A1, a wearable chip certified by Bluetooth 5.2. Its leading low-latency algorithm reduces the delay to a minimum of 180 milliseconds. Users will find a smoother and better experience on video and audio entertainment such as gaming, e-learning, or catching up in meetings.


The FreeBuds Pro features a four-channel dual-mode and dual connection, which allows you to connect to two devices at the same time. When connected to a phone it supports personalized listening, which can be turned on by the user through the Huawei AI Life app (which is also available for Apple users). Moreover, the earphones and the app will conduct a hearing test and create a personalized hearing profile for the user according to the age and hearing preferences set by the user to create a bespoke listening solution.


When noise cancellation is turned off, the FreeBuds Pro can support voice calls for four hours or play music for seven hours with just a single charge. Together with the charging case, it can last up to 18 hours of calls or 30 hours of music playback. It also supports both wired and wireless Huawei SuperCharge.

Pricing and availability

The Huawei FreeBuds Pro launched last November and was priced at P7,999. It is now being offered for less than P1,000 on the Huawei Store.

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