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The Apple unveils the new Watch Series 6 and cheaper Watch SE

Apple just announced the sixth-generation of their popular Watch in the Series 6 and SE. They feature the same internals for the most part, but with a significant difference that make them stand out from each other. 

Watch SE

The Apple Watch SE is the more affordable option that starts at P15,990 replacing the Series 3. Their major difference is unlike the Series 3 that is just an ongoing but outdated model, the Watch SE will be the more affordable line with modern features. It has a 30% bigger Retina screen with curved edges and it performs up to 20% faster than the Series 3. It also has the latest sensors, gyroscope, mic, new altimeter that detects elevation and Bluetooth 5.0 like that of the Series 6. 

A significant addition to the SE is the fall detection and noise alert. Fall detection would detect if you’ve tumbled down and give you a notification that you can dismiss or use to call emergency services. If the Watch doesn’t detect a response in 60 seconds, it will initiate a call on its own. To be honest, I don’t know how that will happen in the Philippine but it’s a nice feature to have even here. Meanwhile, Noise alert will give you a notification if your surroundings are getting too loud and are dangerous to your hearing.

Series 6

The biggest addition to the Series 6 is the blood oxygen and sensor aimed to help you with your fitness and health. Four clusters of green, red and infrared LEDS and another four photodiodes at the back of the Watch help determine your blood oxygen levels. The accompanying app can measure oxygen between 70 to 100 percent and aside from on-demand measuring, it also takes periodic measurement when the user is inactive, even during sleep. All data would be visible in the health app.

Other improvements include a new dual-core processor that runs 20 percent faster, a U1 chip and Ultrawideband antenna that’s future proof that can be used for digital car keys and the like, faster charging at 100 percent in 1.5hrs, and a Retina screen that’s 2.5 times brighter. 

New Choices

Navy Blue and (PRODUCT) RED are joining the standard Space Gray, Silver, and Gold colors for the Apple Watch case. There’s also new bands in the form of Solo Loop, Braided Solo Loop, and Leather. Although it’s not sure if it will be available locally, there are also Hermès loops now available for the Apple Watch. 

Price and Availability

The Apple Watch SE will be available soon at Apple.com and starts at P15,990 for the 40mm and P17,990 for the 44mm. The Series 6 retains the price of its predecessor at P22,990 for the 40mm and the 44mm is still at P24,990.

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