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Testing Samsung’s CRG5 27″ Curved Gaming Monitor

It truly is an exciting time to be a PC gamer. It seems like in the wake of the quarantine, more and more people are deciding to build their own gaming rigs to cope with the struggles of staying home 24/7. I honestly don’t have enough fingers to count how many people I know who have built a PC this past year. Luckily, we are treated to a wide variety of hardware and peripherals that almost any budget can support. However, one overlooked component always seems to be the monitor. You can have all the most expensive, high-end and up-to-date pieces of hardware in the world, but it would all be for nothing if your monitor can’t keep up.

The C27RG50FQN Gaming Monitor is Samsung’s newest release which is a part of their CRG50 series. It’s a 27-inch gaming monitor with a sleek curved design that allows for a more immersive gameplay experience. It supports full HD display, or a 1080p resolution, which in 2020, is still pretty good. More and more brands are releasing 1440p and 4K gaming monitors but personally, 1080p is still a sweet spot, especially when it comes to competitive gaming.

Another advantage of this monitor is that it boasts a 240HZ refresh rate, which seems to be one the highest out there right now. Whether you’re a competitive or a casual gamer, you will never have to worry about the pains of low FPS (frames per second) again. It is important to note however, that you can achieve a higher number of frames with this monitor if it’s paired with a good graphics card that can pump out more frames. But let’s be real, you wouldn’t be opting for this high-end monitor if you’ve spent a minimal budget on your PC hardware. Apart from the refresh rate, it also has an impressive 4ms response time. 

With regards to the connectors, the C27RG50FQN has the inputs and outputs that most modern gaming monitors have. It has a Display Port, which will allow you to use the highest refresh rate possible, which as mentioned earlier, is 240HZ. It also comes with HDMI ports which won’t allow you to use the highest refresh rate, but would still be pretty competitive when in use. This also makes the monitor a solid option for console gamers because of the HDMI compatibility. There is also a 3.5mm audio input, which is a convenient feature that allows you to connect your headset to. All in all, the monitor provides you with all the modern input and output connectors which you can make full use of. 

In conclusion, the C27RG50FQN is a great option for competitive and casual gamers alike. I always thought that curved monitors weren’t as great, but after using this model, I just might make the switch. We’ll see. At the price point of $399.99 —  Php 19,500, it’s a really solid deal, especially if you’re looking for a high refresh rate gaming monitor. As I mentioned earlier, this would be a great option as long as you have the PC hardware that can help you achieve this monitor’s maximum performance. Of course, there are a lot of more budget-friendly gaming monitors in the market that have refresh rates of about 144-165HZ and 1ms response times. But if you have a little more wiggle room in your wallet, and if you’re looking for a monitor with a way higher refresh rate, then this is the way to go. Overall, this a step in the right direction for Samsung. I’m excited to see what else they have in-store for us, and excited overall for what lies ahead in PC gaming. 

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