Starting a business soon? Or maybe you already have one small enterprise in place, but still find it hard to track and file your taxes? Worry no more—Taxumo launches a special weekend meetup to guide you through the taxing maze with ease.

The end-to-end, do-it-yourself tax assistance platform will hold its meetup with its partners online payment channel Payoneer and administrative support company Full Suite on February 11, Saturday, 1PM at Commune Coffee+Bar, Polaris corner Durban Streets, Poblacion, Makati City. While everyone can attend the event, self-employed professionals, freelancers, and solopreneurs—a portmanteau of solo and entrepreneurs—are encouraged to join and register and renew their business in a casual, worry-free setup.

Attendees can sign up here. Business people interested in Taxumo’s hassle-free elimination of “tax bill shock” should also bring the following documents:

  • Registered Tax Identification Number, preferably with photocopy of TIN ID
  • Current Regional District Office (RDO) Information
  • Photocopy of NSO-issued Birth Certificate
  • NSO-issued Marriage Contract, if married
  • Spouse’s TIN, company name, and company TIN (if working)
  • Photocopy of two valid government-issued ID
  • Contract of Lease with Affidavit of Undertaking or Certificate of Title under client’s name
  • Proof of residence
  • Barangay clearance or certification
  • Client’s Certification of Freelance Work, stating profession such as writer, real estate agent, etc.
  • Professional Tax Receipt (PTR) or Occupational Tax Receipt (OTR)
  • City dependent (without OTR – Makati City / with OTR – Mandaluyong)
  • Authorization Letter for Full Suite Representative
  • Alien Certificate ID (for foreigners)