The Suzuki-Wheeltek Racing Team’s flagbearer Jacq Buncio capped the season with a historical win with her Suzuki GSX-R1000R taking home the Rookie of the Year title, topping the first-ever Rookie Category of the Philippine Superbikes (PSBK) National Championships with 308.5 points. Running with her Novice, Intermediate, Expert, and Masters’ contenders, she was also able to finish at the top five overall, which underscored her potential as a rider. Jacq also raced at the Pirelli Cup Heavyweight A Category where she emerged as the 1st runner up after having an intense and head on battle with strong competitor Pocholo Panlilio.

It was a powerful return on the racetrack for Suzuki with a winning combination of man and machine—the Suzuki GSX-R1000R, Jacq Buncio, and the team work from Wheeltek. The Suzuki-Wheeltek Racing Team fully supported Jacq in all her races and attended every leg to cheer for her.

Philippine Superbikes National Championships                   Philippine Superbikes Cup / Pirelli Cup

Round Race Position Round Race Position
1 Pre-Finals 1st Place 1 Race 1 4th Place
Finals 1st Place Race 2 2nd Place
2 Pre-Finals 1st Place 2 Race 1 1st Place
Finals 1st Place Race 2 1st Place
3 Pre-Finals 1st Place 3 Race 1 2nd Place
Finals 1st Place Race 2 1st Place
4 Pre-Finals 2nd Place 4 Race 1 2nd Place
Finals DNF Race 2 2nd Place
5 Pre-Finals 2nd Place 5 Race 1 2nd Place
Finals 2nd Place Race 2 NA
6 Pre-Finals 2nd Place 6 Race 1 2nd Place
Finals 2nd Place Race 2 DNF
OVERALL National Rookie Rider of the Year OVERALL 2nd Place