I must admit, this is the first time in a long time that I’ve used a home sound system. Usually, I’d just use my small bluetooth speakers whenever I want my sounds amplified so this was an exciting luxury for me to have a whole set-up to use.

Hi-tech Old School

The Sony High Power Audio System is decked out with various connections. It can connect to your devices wirelessly via bluetooth and NFC and you can pair up to 3 devices simultaneously. It also supports HDMI, USB plug and play, analog audio, composite video, and dual microphone inputs, one of which also supports guitar.

With a price tag of P16,999, it’s a do-it-all sound system where you can play DVDs, CDs (so don’t you bring those vintage CDs out to your yard sale just yet!), sing karaoke, live out your DJ dreams, and more. Oh, and did I mention it had party lights?

You can enable the built-in party lights that will pulse to the beat of what you’re listening to. Sony also has downloadable apps—Music Center and Fiestable—where you can manage and control the speakers remotely. While I kind of wish that Sony had just kept it all to one app, you can do some pretty cool stuff on it like change the color of the lights, change the flashing speed, and more all on the app. The speaker can also be party chained so you can amp up the entire room,

You’re the star

Okay, I’m a fan of karaoke. There’s just something about microphones, friends, and a (hopefully) soundproofed room that makes you want to belt your heart out. With the Sony High Power Audio System, you’ve got your own portable videoke—screen not included—to cart around next time you feel like channeling your inner Céline Dion. Since a wide selection of minus one pieces are now readily available to stream online, you don’t need a whole different machine just for karaoke, just a mic. It also has a full fleet of karaoke features like pitch adjustment, echo, vocal guide, and others. And if you want an audience, there are also canned boos and applause.

Swipe Right?

The speaker has a gesture sensor so you won’t need to fumble around with the controls when you want to skip to the next track, change volume, or even enable cool sound effects when you’re throwing a party or having a karaoke night. Swipe up, down, left, right, and rotate your finger clockwise and counterclockwise to toggle the controls. It’s a cool party trick you can show off and is also useful when you’re playing music that is not on your phone.   

The same gestures can also be done through your phone when you’ve installed the Music Center app…just make sure you don’t accidentally throw it while swiping.

All about that Bass

While I’m not usually very particular about my sounds, I did notice that the Sony High Power Audio System is quite bass-heavy. Plus, it has a mega bass feature which boosts the bass notes of your sound but even the normal unenhanced sound is already a little too much for my taste. It is designed as a party speaker, however, so if you like to feel the beat then this one’s for you.

Our Opinion:

The Sony High Power Audio System has everything you could possibly want/need—probably even more than what you’d really need. Audiophiles might want to check out speakers that have a more moderated sound. But you’re looking for a one-speaker-for-all set-up then this one has it all.

Sony High Power Audio System (MHC-V41D) Full Review: all you need and more
Form Factor9
Build Quality 9
Ease of Use 8.5
Performance 8
Value for Money 8.5
8.6Overall Score

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