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Review: Geely Okavango Urban Plus

Geely has just revealed the latest addition to their promising lineup of vehicles: the vast and powerful Okavango. With many enticing aspects such as all-around comfort, generous space, multiple smart features and eminent affordability, Geely is definitely going to further make its presence felt. As a large SUV, the Okavango will be most appreciated by relatively large and often on-the-go families.


Coming in four solid colors in Storm Grey, Porcelain White, Luna Silver and Marble Black, the Okavango has a stand-out, sculptured and streamlined design. The car’s size and bulk gives off a muscular look as well. It combines curves with sleek lines and a “cosmic” grille similar to that of its siblings Coolray and Azkarra.

With the numerous types of SUVs present in the Philippines from several different brands, the Okavango’s appealing design, assertive front grille and bold “G E E L Y” lettering across its rear is bound to turn heads.

The Okavango has the largest panoramic sunroof in its class.


The Okavango’s relatively simple interior makes the key type buttons below the infotainment panel stand out. Its piano black finish buttons placed side-by-side make the different controls easy to use and have a smooth feel to it as well. The Geely’s premium leather seats give off a general feeling of coziness, further adding to the overall comfort.

Spaciousness & Comfort

Personally, the vast spaciousness that the Okavango possesses might just be its best quality. Each of the seven seats can be individually controlled for a total of nineteen different customizable layouts to adapt to any need and/or situation for maximum comfort and space efficiency. With a total of 2050L expanding trunk space, a 2.2-meter flat bed, 42 different storage compartments and a 69% high space utilization efficiency, it is as if you can possibly fit anything in the vehicle at once.

I was able to greatly appreciate the spaciousness of the Okavango during our family vacation to Anvaya Cove. Despite having four adult males with their luggage to last the entire weekend, plus four golf bags on top of that, the Geely still accommodate a lot more cargo. In fact, one of the occupants stands at 6’2” and, despite the near three-hour road trip, sat comfortably on the second row with ample leg and head room. More than just the amount of space offered by the Okavango, its comfort and flexibility added on to it is where it really makes its mark.

Under the Hood

A 1.5L turbocharged direct-injection engine allows for both a smooth and efficient ride. Moreover, its 48V EMS lowers carbon emissions due to its advanced mild-hybrid system. All in all, its engine can generate a total of 190hp and 300Nm of torque. Given the mass and total capacity of the Okavango, its engine was impressively powerful with heavy load and remained smooth and consistent during a long and distant travel. During our road trip to Anvaya, the Okavango allowed for a very smooth and pleasant drive.


Of the smart features available in the Okavango, its 360º panorama camera is what I found most useful and practical. Guided by tactically placed wide and high-definition cameras, maneuvering has been made significantly easier whether parking or coasting. Multiple angles are then shown side-by-side on the 10.25-inch HD infotainment panel for an all-around view of your vehicle and its surroundings. I found the extensiveness of this feature to be particularly helpful given the rather large size of the Okavango.

The vehicle also has an electronic gear shift which assists in making moving thru the gears simpler with just a flick of the wrist. Although this type of shifter may take some getting used to, it definitely has a smoother feel to it afterward. Furthermore, the Okavango has an electronic brake and auto hold which is a big plus when it comes to stop-and-go traffic, as an initial step on the brakes would keep the vehicle in place, consequently allowing you to take your foot off the pedal.


The Okavango, given its premiere spaciousness, comfort, size and mobility is an excellent SUV for frequently on-the-go families. Whether going on vacation, visiting other family members or eating out, the vehicle can more than accommodate all members of the family and their luggage. More than its aforementioned qualities, the Okavango also has great tech and safety features for all to enjoy. With Geely’s Coolray and Azkarra recently making waves in the car scene, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Okavango would follow suit.

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