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Review: Dell P2721Qf – The 27” Behemoth of a Monitor

The Dell P2721Qf is the latest monitor release coming from computer giants Dell. This sizable monitor boasts a large 27-inch screen, LCD IPS Display, and a 3840 x 2160 resolution. On paper this monitor appears to be top-class, but on-hand will it live up to its expectations? Read on to find out. 

Design and build

Let’s start with the monitor’s design. This monitor is a flat 27-inch IPS LCD display that is not so big that it blinds your eyes. I personally believe that 27 inches is the perfect monitor size for working, playing games or watching movies. It is just enough to appreciate the details of the image but not too big that it is overwhelming for the user. The design is sleek and minimalistic: there is no branding on the monitor itself except for a small Dell logo engraved onto the stand. The base is also adjustable and allows the user to move the monitor up or down and allow it to lean backwards or forwards, and it is a pretty smooth process to boot. It allows the user to properly adjust the monitor’s height and angle in order to suit their preferences for maximum comfort. The monitor stand also features a hole for cable management that allows wires to pass uniformly through the back instead of going all over the base of the stand. 

The different signal or data interfaces that are available include DisplayPort, HMDI, and USB-C. The USB-C port is extremely impressive and I have not seen one on a monitor before. The USB-C port allows the user to charge their devices through the monitor itself which is really convenient. The monitor is also VESA mount compatible, meaning you can mount the monitor onto your wall, monitor mount or arm. This will be great for those who have multiple monitor set-ups as well as those who have limited desk space. 

Under the Hood

The monitor’s IPS LCD screen has good color reproduction, wide viewing angles, and decent sunlight visibility. Based on my time with the Dell P2721Qf, I felt like the color and image quality were top notch. So top notch in fact that I was able to watch several movies while appreciating the fine details because of all the vibrant colors and the accurateness of the hues. Switching the images back and forth from the P2721Qf to my main monitor, I could tell there is a huge difference in terms of picture quality and color vibrance. Having a resolution of 3840 x 2160 contributes greatly to the picture quality. It has significantly more pixels than the standard 1280 x 960, therefore producing jaw-dropping image quality and sharp image details that are also easy on the eyes.


The Dell P2721Qf is a truly great monitor due to its sizable yet manageable dimensions for overall computing and its high level of detail and clarity. It is made for a variety of consumers, such as those who work for long hours and have to look at a computer screen for most of the day, movie buffs who value picture quality, or casual/hardcore gamers who want a seamless yet graphical experience. This monitor retails for PHP 27,800.00, and although this may seem a steep price compared to other monitors with similar specs, you are ultimately paying for the Dell build quality.

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