Chinese smartphone brand Realme made a huge debut with its new Realme 5 and Realme 5 Pro devices. Localized for Filipinos, Realme 5 is ideal for those who enjoy gaming and watching Netflix/Youtube while stuck in traffic or just looking for something to do to de-stress.

If there’s one thing to emphasize about the Realme 5, it’s the long battery life. It has a 5000mAh high-capacity battery, combined with hardware and software that further maximize battery life. An example is Al freeze, a system that will forecast the apps that are not used in a long period of time. Such apps will be quickly frozen and disabled to save power and extend battery life to new levels. Al freeze works in two ways:

  • Intelligent detection—this disables the apps that are not used quite often before they are disabled by the users based on the habits of the user. (e.g. if a user enables a game that consumes a large amount of power, the system will disable the app to save power if it detects that the user has no operation for 10 minutes after s/he opts out of the game. 
  • Freeze background apps that are not frequently used by users. The background apps are mainly divided into two categories, one is the app that still runs in the background even if the user has manually disabled them. The second is important apps such as messaging apps that is frozen by the system after the user opts out of it but still pops out when it receives a message. 

Realme 5 also has a Screen Battery Optimization Mode. Its screen power-saving function uses CABC (Content Adaptive Backlight Control) to dynamically adjust the screen contract ratio (excluding “camera” and “photo album”) to further lengthen battery life. This further reduces brightness while maintaining image quality, so as to reduce screen power consumption and enhance the battery life by another 10%.

On top of this, the phone also has the Safe Long Battery Life, a multi-level protection design for the battery that allows users to enjoy the extra-long battery life. The first level is by isolating the battery cell using 304 stainless steel. This stainless steel with high-temperature- and corrosion-resistance is born with the feature of high resistivity. It is stuck firmly on the back of the battery cell to prevent dangers that may occur after any cell failure. 

This feature is enhanced by the second level which is the bezel made of the fireproof materials to further prevent the occurrence of dangers. Lastly, the third level is the safeguard safety from source, which is another multi-level protection provided for a safe charge process for the Realme phone.

Level 1: Overload protection for adapters
Level 2: Overload protection for battery
Level 3: Protection from battery fuse unit

Battery life test results:

Standby TimeCall timeMusic TimeVideo time
Battery Life (hours)718h49hEarphon 156h
Speakers:41h (Max Volume, LCD off)

To further maximize battery life, Realme 5 adopts Qualcomm’s robust Snapdragon 64-bit 8-core 665 AIE processor that has basic frequency of up to 2.0GHz. This processor adopts more advanced 11nm production process that delivers strong performance. As a result, it creates a best game experience since this processor also provides the best image quality by virtue of smooth frame rate, rapid operation, surround sound and HD true image. This processor upgrades the ISP (image signal processor) to Spectra 165 that supports more advanced shooting functions and image hardware that have a higher specification, delivering images better than the products at the same price point. An enhanced image experience comes with its 6.5-inch extra-large field of view.

Realme is also equipped with the latest ColorOS 6.0 operating system, and has a customized spatial design and close-to-native interaction mode exclusive to Realme. It’s designed to create a simple and smooth experience for the user. The beauty of the HD screen is appreciated more, thanks to Real Sound Technology using Dirac Power Sound small speaker sound quality optimization technology. 

RealMe also made a breakthrough with its quad-camera system, making users experience flagship imaging with multiple functions and scenes. Since light is the soul of photography and the bigger the lens aperture is, the more the amount of light becomes available for the camera, RealMe 5’s 12MP camera with f/1.8 large aperture and 1.25um ultra-large single-pixel area secures enough light to make your pictures clearer and brighter. 

RealMe 5 is also equipped with a 199° ultra-wide-angle lens which is handy when taking photos of landscapes, buildings, and large group photos to avoid having to step back to fit the frame. This option is accessible with just one click. In addition, the distortion calibration algorithm customized by RealMe solves the pain point of edge distortion in traditional ultra-wide-angle photos, making wide-field photos more real and amazing. On top of these, it is also equipped with Ultra Macro Lens, Portrait Lens, Nightscape Mode, ChromaBoost, 240fps slow-motion video recording, and lastly SelfiePro. 

Realme 5 also upgraded their 3D body design which was originally based from the typical RealMe design. It retains the matte diamond pattern of the previous generation while its nanometer holographic color with cutting texture can be featured in two colors—crystal blue and crystal purple. On top of this young and trendy design, it also boasts water-proofing, thanks to three splash-resistant layers inside and out.

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