I don’t know about you but if there’s one thing that will always help me out through good times, bad times, and almost anything in between, it’s music. With times now when we must rely on each other for strength, music could be that one unifying element that will keep us together, while apart.

Despite the distance from people we love the most, it is actually possible to enjoy music with friends through our mobile phones. Here are 4 simple ways to create and celebrate music: 

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Create a collaborative playlist

After months of staying home, you may have gotten used to your playlist already and might need a new refresher. Try exploring recommended tunes with your friends by setting up playlists in music-streaming apps. You can categorize them according to various “feelz” to make sure you never run out of things to listen to, no matter what you’re feeling at the moment.

Enjoy concerts and musicals together

Have you seen famous artists or stage musicals upload their performances online? This gives you a VIP access to your favorite artists from the comfort of your home. Catch these shows and sing your heart out together with friends through browser extensions such as YouTube party which allows users to stream videos at the same time.

Create music 

I’m sure there are quite a number of people who can sing but have been afraid or shy to let their peers to know, or maybe they just didn’t have the time to record and upload their covers online. Well if you’re one of them, now’s your chance to give it a shot. If you don’t have the equipment, there are plenty of apps in the vivo app-store that would allow you to do collaborative recording. You can try out apps with built-in instruments, vocal editor tools, and instrumental loops to create studio quality tracks.

Host live concerts

While you’re at it, why not release your tracks online by hosting Facebook live concerts. Gather your “bandmates” and share the fun online through the power of music.

Easy and accessible

So many things to do, right? The best part is you can do all these using your vivo phone. Head to the vivo app store, download apps that allow for music collaboration and consumption, and revel in your phone’s ability to run these apps seamlessly.

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