Everybody’s go-to productivity suite Microsoft Office beefs up its enterprise segment with the Office 365 E5, placing importance on data security and privacy.

While the company acknowledges that some of its apps bundled in the suite, such as Word or Excel, are not collaboration tools and are not designed to store personal data, the transmission of such files through the Internet via email still gives sophisticated threats a chance to break in and steal data.

With Microsoft Office 365 E5, these threats are eliminated by opening attachments in cordoned-off virtual environments, wrapping external links in special URLs that essentially look for malicious activity before opening them, and providing rich reports on click traces.

Moreover, the Office 365 E5 features advanced alerts where administrators can detect suspicious activities, app permissions where ITs can accept or revoke third-party apps or services, and cloud app discovery that allow ITs to monitor what cloud services the users connect to.

This entire set of technologies integrate seamless productivity and real-time protection. Microsoft Office 365 E5 “makes sure to check security and privacy threats in advance and thinks ahead for you,” says Microsoft Philippines Chief Operating and Chief Marketing Officer Cian O’Neill.

“This way, you can get peace of mind knowing that Office 365 E5 works doubly hard on your business security and privacy while you are working hard,” he added.

Microsoft Office 365 E5 can be availed via subscription on a per user per month basis.