Work, as we know it, is slowly disintegrating. The old workplace consisted of cubicles lines with employees sporting long sleeved polos and the occasional blazer. The modern workplace can be found at home, in coffee shops, and out in the field. It goes without saying that today’s workers are seeing the value and efficiency of working out of the cramped office. Rows and rows of filing cabinets have been tucked away and replaced with immaterial clouds and material data sticks. We are in the New World of Work.

In conjunction its launch in the Philippines, Microsoft Philippines COO Cian O’Neill illustrated how the new Microsoft Office 2016 suite of applications has reinvented productivity for the modern workplace. Office 2016 offers excellence in collaboration simultaneously between people across different devices anywhere and anytime.

In the Philippines, 59 out of 100 workers rated themselves highly in embracing principles that typified the New World of Work. These are new ideas concerning People, Place, and Technology. In a country where 98% of all businesses are small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs), employees (People) should have the capabilities to work collaboratively with colleagues in and out of the office. Place refers to the new workplace’s lack of boundaries. Employees can work anywhere and anytime. Technology becomes the tool that empowers employees to succeed in this digital environment.


Cian O’Neill, Microsoft Philippines COO

“While technology plays a key role to enable ‘work from anywhere’ scenarios and higher productivity, other aspects such as organizational culture, policies, infrastructure, enabling collaboration or the ability to break down barriers to innovation are becoming increasingly important for an organization undergoing digital transformation to be competitive,” O’Neill said.

Since its inception, Microsoft Office has delivered its tried-and-tested formula to both employees and students. With the latest features in the 2016 suite, Microsoft is adding that needed kick which gives its services a whole new dimension.

Collaboration is easier with Office 2016. This features is already present within its competitor Google’s list of service. What sets Office 2016 apart from its competition is the fun and easy to use interface that makes collaboration exciting. Within the app, users will be able to co-author in real-time between Word, Powerpoint, and OneNote. There’s also in-app Skype integration so users can chat or message each other from within the document.

Microsoft Word 2016 interface

Microsoft Word 2016 interface

Outlook 2016 is built to give users lightning fast search capabilities, functions to remove low-priority mail, and make sure everyone has the right access with modern attachments. Users can also access their most recently used documents across devices, even Macs. Regardless of which device users have, Office 2016 is a solution for efficiency and productivity. The suite is available for Windows, Android, and Apple products in whatever form or size. Users will be able to access the Office suite through their phones as if it was a real PC.

With data loss prevention, multi-factor authentication, and information rights management, OneDrive storage on Office 365 and Windows 10 is a built-in, secure way to store and share documents. Users can choose when they update–once a month or every three months.

Office 365, Microsoft’s subscription service to access Microsoft Office 2016 is available both online and in brick-and-mortar stores. Their Office 365 Home plan costs P3,499 for one year. It includes free 1TB of OneDrive storage and subscriptions for 5 PCs/Macs, 5 tablets, and 5 phones.