Yesterday, LG announced its partnership with Netflix, showing the trailer as well as behind the scenes footage to the new animated film, Klaus on their crystal clear AI ThinQ OLED TVs. Klaus is an new Netflix original which features an entirely 2D animated style that is reminiscent of the old Christmas films that people have grown up watching. The film brings together a reclusive carpenter and a selfish postman in a heartwarming journey, perfect for the season. Enjoy it and other films or shows in 4K or HDR on LGs OLED and NanoCell TVs, which also come with a free 6-month Netflix subscription.

LG also invited the Animation Council of the Philippines (ACPI) to talk about the animation industry in the Philippines and the kids and people from the Shelter of Hope, a temporary home for kids afflicted with cancer.

And as an advance Christmas gift, LG pledged to donate a portion of each sale of LG products as well as over P1M worth of appliances to the kids battling cancer from the Shelter of Hope. Truly, the real meaning of Christmas is giving love. Quoting from Klaus: “A true selfless act, always sparks another.”

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