Form factor6
Build quality7
Ease of use10
Value for money8
Overall rating7.6
7.6Overall Score

Coloud has been at the forefront of producing great minimalist-style headphones. The Knock proves to deliver the bare minimum along with an attractive price tag.

  • The Knock has a straightforward, no fuss design that can fit most heads. Although the cup is slightly angled and would only feel right if worn properly, meaning you should follow the left and right configuration.
  • Less components mean less things to break. Thus, making a more durable and sturdy head. It’s lightweight and the clamping force is minimal as well. It is suitable for long periods of use.
  • The Knock is ideal for traveling and it’s enough to enjoy your music on-the-go. But the supra-aural design tends to let some noise in.
  • The Knock also features a mic and remote that works on both iOS devices and Android devices. It has a single button that lets you play or pause music; pick up or hang up calls; and move to the next or previous track.
  • It also comes with a tangle-free flat cable with a pliable plug to protect against breakage at the connection and hold it in place.
  • It provides ample mids and highs. While it is lacking in the bass department, it still provides a balanced environment for a number of genres. We tested The Knock using a 5th-generation iPod touch. Listening to progressive rock band Rush was very enjoyable. The Knock delivered strong attacks on the drum track and notable high notes for the vocals. However, the bass line spectrum sound very subtle though. Meanwhile, ska jazz band The Cat Empire’s high notes on the horns section seems a little washed out through these cans and music from Die Antwoord is less than satisfactory as the bass sounds flat and weak.
  • Soundstage is pretty tight and close but it still gives the instruments distinction.

The verdict:

Knock-1 Knock-4_cloud

If you’re looking for a pair of budget travel headphones, Coloud’s The Knock can definitely deliver ample performance at a budget that won’t break your wallet.

Price: P1,450

Spec sheet:

Dynamic drivers: 40mm
Sensitivity: 100mV @ 1kHz
Frequency response: 20Hz – 20kHz
Cord: Flat cable TPE with mic & remote

Audio jack: 3.5mm stereo plug

Weight: 78g