Form factor8
Build quality 8
Ease of use8
Value for money6
Overall rating7.2
7.2Overall Score
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The Dell S2240T is a sight to behold. Propped on an easel-like stand, the monitor feels more like a piece of art than a computer peripheral.

  • The Dell S2240T lets you get touchy-feely with Windows 8. It is a quick fix for those who want the experience without having to upgrade their whole desktop system.
  • The monitor’s ability to tilt to 60° from vertical makes it ideal as a reference display on a podium or lectern for corporate presentations. The large 21.5-inch display is sufficient at a primary display device for smaller boardrooms.
  • Image presets make simple the task of switching from work to play or from word processing to web browsing.
  • The monitor is compatible across the standard modes of connectivity: HDMI, DVI, and VGA.
  • The glass extends right to the edge. Unfortunately, the display image does not. There is a substantial quarter-inch bezel around the display panel which appears larger at lower screen resolutions.
  • Twenty watts maximum is all the S2240T will consume, even at full brightness. That’s being kind to the wallet and gentle to the earth.
  • The monitor sports Full 1080p HD resolution. Coupled with a fast response time, this translates to enjoyable movie watching and satisfactory video gaming.

The verdict:


The S2240T will certainly have a place on the desks of the more serious computer nerds or in the boardrooms of corporations. But its rather steep price point might not make it ideal for home use.

Price: P20,200

Spec sheet:

Display panel: VA with LED backlight

Viewable image size: 54.6cm (21.5-inch)

Resolution: 1920×1080 pixels (60Hz)

Contrast ratio: 3,000:1 (typical)

Dynamic contrast ratio: 8 million:1 (max)

Viewing angle: 178° horizontal/vertical

Response time: 12ms (with overdrive)

Touch system: Project capacitive, 10 touches with palm accommodation

Other features: Microsoft Windows 8 certified, tilts up to 60°

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