Every year, the town Jagna in Bohol holds the Calamay Festival to celebrate their famous delicacy. But that isn’t the only thing Jagna is known for. The town also boasts their infamous hill called Mayana. Riders from different towns in Bohol and even from other provinces visit and tour the place.

To promote the town and its eco-tourism efforts, the Mayana Uphill Challenge was started in 2016 by Robert and John Smith with the help of the local government and other sponsors. They came up with a plan of organizing a 14.2km uphill time attack challenge for motorcycle riders that love racing in Visayas and Mindanao. Eventually, the Isle of Man-inspired event began to be heard even in Luzon. The event had participants like Mickey Mazo, a controversial rider and “king of marilaque” who won P1 million in a death-defying race back in 2016, and famous female rider Yang De Castro.

The open scooter category started the race against time challenge followed by 110-125cc, 150-200c, 300-400cc, Big-Bike Category, Pro Category, and, lastly, Ladies Category. People from Bohol gathered to witness the much-awaited and main category, the Fighter Wine Pro Category. All displacements starting from 200cc to a liter bikes were welcome to join.

As the pro riders competed to reach the top of the mountain, Kirby Digal, a Yamaha r3 Rider who passed on both Jacob Cabahug and Mickey Mazo, finished 10 minutes and 14 seconds to bag the 1st position in his own pace, making him the King of Mayana 2019. This position was held by John Smith for the last three consecutive years.

Organizers from the event are looking forward for more riders next year to unite all motorcycle racers nationwide.

DES Yamaha Open ScooterTimePosition
Mickey Mazo 10:46:31 1st Place
Jacob Cabahug 10:55:71 2nd Place
Anthony Mencias 11:07:00 3rd Place
110-125 Category Time Position
Patrick Daguplo 12:06:57 1st Place
Tomas Sluka 13:12:11 2nd Place
Carlo Rangas 13:48:28 3rd Place
135-200 Category Time Position
Ryan Lee Tero 12:35:82 1st Place
Nico Torreon 12:46:73 2nd Place
Edwin Felisarta 13:30:72 3rd Place
201-400 Category (Lightweight) Time Position
Kirby Digal 10:26:99 1st Place
Jerry Cabahug 10:53:33 2nd Place
Evans Evalle 11:20:41 3rd Place
Big Bike Category (Heavyweight) Time Position
Jefferson Smith 11:34:40 1st Place
John Smith 11:40:04 2nd Place
Charles Wheeler 12:03:66 3rd Place
Ladies Category Time Position
Jen Yosores 12:13:74 1st Place
Yang De Castro 12:23:45 2nd Place
 Pinky Mor 13:02:20 3rd Place
Fighter Wine Pro Category (Open Displacement) Time Position
Kirby Digal 10:14:58 1st Place
John Smith 10:39:88 2nd Place
Jefferson Smith 10:45:31 3rd Place

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