Huawei’s Nova Series of smartphones took the Philippine market by storm last year, gaining fans from the younger market. While the Nova and Nova 3i were remarkably capable out-of-the-box, Huawei conducted a series of workshops dubbed the Nova Academy for people looking to maximize the potential of their new phone. The academy touched on lifestyle interests that were enhanced by the Nova phones, allowing participants to discover ingenious ways to use their devices’ powerful features.

To accompany the release of the Nova 5T this year, Huawei is once again introducing a brand-new Nova Academy with a revamped focus on Generation Z’s core interests. This year’s Academic “curriculum” revolves around developing specific passion points into productive and even influential endeavors⁠—all through mastery of the Nova 5T’s noteworthy features and capabilities.

Just like its two previous runs, this year’s Nova Academy utilizes the talents and experience of key influencers and personalities who found success in cultivating their passion for gaming, vlogging, music, and beauty styling. Each area of interest will have its own celebrity coach/guide who’ll share expert know-how, tips, and tricks to help participants become true NovaStars.

TikTok personlaity, Jiro Morato; Youtuber, Benedict Cua; beauty vlogger, Raiza Contawi; and Nova Ambassador, Phamela Swing will all all be hosting sessions

All Nova phone owners are qualified to sign up for this year’s Nova Academy, the schedule and session are as follows:

Schedule Workshop Nova Ambassador
October 19 Vlogging Workshop in Partnership with Abenson Topic: The Influence of Vlogging Phamela Swing
October 20 Vlogging Workshop in Partnership with YTFF Topic: Expressing Oneself as an Influencer through Vlogs Benedict Cua
October 25 Music Workshop in Partnership with TikTok Topic: Breaking through the social media clutter through music Jiro Morato
October 27 Beauty and Photography Workshop in Partnership with Globe Live Topic: Expressing Oneself through Makeup and Photography Raiza Contawi

Interested users can check Facebook for sign up details and additional information on each upcoming workshop.