The rise in the popularity and competitiveness of e-sports and computer gaming in the Philippines lend to the increased need for more durable and reliable gaming equipment.

With the local gaming circuit fast becoming a high-level, globally competitive one, gamers both professional and casual need to be plugged in for longer hours to train for their chosen games. Consoles and high-performance computers are now considered an investment, making it necessary to ensure their lifespan and optimal capability are maintained.

Understanding the crucial need for a reliable power supply as well as surge protection, Schneider Electric released their APC Gaming UPS as the best ally to keep gaming systems protected from potential damage, especially during unexpected power disruptions.

“During unexpected power interruption, the APC Gaming UPS is the best back-up available to keep gaming systems protected and connected and, in the game,” says Schneider Electric Distributor Account Manager Danlyn Morales. “Through our products, we combine protection with innovation, ensuring that power consumption is manageable and cost-efficient.”

The APC Gaming UPS is also the same product used by Miraculum Gaming, a pro-league e-sports team based in Manila, at a friendly DoTA 2 tournament hosted by Schneider Electric. The tournament demonstrated the capacity to continuously power an ongoing game in a power outage scenario.

Some of the special features of the APC Gaming UPS include:

  • Battery backup and surge protector outlets
  • Sinewave power output* that ensures power quality without distortion or power drop during an outage
  • Two USB charging ports (Type C + Type A)
  • AVR with boost and trim
  • 1Gb network protection

The APC Gaming UPS costs P29,995and will be available at Complink, Easy PC, Gaisano Interpace, GameOne, JW Summit, Octagon, PC Express, PC Hub, PCWorx, Silicon, Smartasia, Thinking Tools, and Villman.

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