We want one, ASAP!

“Anyone can cook,” says the legendary Chef Gusteau from the movie Ratatouille (trivia: Ratatouille is also a traditional french dish of stewed vegetables—usually eggplant, squash, zucchini, and tomatoes. But I’m making you hungry now, let’s move on.) And wait! Don’t close this tab if you’re one of those people whose idea of cooking is boiling water or reheating food in a microwave. That’s right, even you can cook.

Admittedly, I didn’t quite want to believe it either when I saw Samsung’s compact Smart Oven. But after seeing and tasting for myself what it could do? Picture this: make a side of garlicky shrimp for your appetizer, for your main course, grill some steak with a side of roasted potatoes, and for desert, maybe some cake? or brownies? or homemade yogurt?! All of this you can make in a single appliance with minimal clean-up.

The Smart Oven looks just like your typical oven, with a simple and straightforward touch and display panel—not intimidating at all. It has 6 functions: baking, steaming, slim-frying, microwaving, grilling, and even fermentation (for breads and yogurt making!). Included with it are several plate options like the pro steamer and the crusty plate for grilling, slim-frying, and baking.

It comes with HotBlast technology, where powerful hot air is blown through multiple air holes onto your food that significantly reduces cooking time and cooks your meal evenly. And if you’re really lost about cooking times and temperatures, the smart oven comes with handy presets so that whatever you’re making will look like it was cooked by a pro. As I said, anyone can cook.

The Samsung Smart Oven comes in two models: a 35-liter variant and a slightly smaller 32-liter one that retails at P29,995 and P15,995, respectively.