As a new brand that started out in 2013 and is now officially celebrating its first year in the Philippines, Honor is setting its sights for bigger things to come in the following years. Owned by Huawei but a completely different brand of its own, Honor focuses on capturing the Gen-Z market and proudly proclaims to be ‘shaped by the youth’.

In an intimate round table discussion, Owen Ou, president of Honor Asia-Pacific proudly shares the brand’s incredible growth across the world in just a span of 6 years. Across Europe, the brand has topped the mobile market. And now, it is starting to do the same in Asia. With various developments up its sleeve, there is no doubt the brand is set to join its big brother up in the ranks soon.

Watch out, world

‘Bring Honor to us all.’ isn’t just the chorus of the song in Disney’s Mulan, because the brand seeks to do just that—and it has a whole portfolio beyond just smartphones and wearables to offer the market. While we have no exact dates to reveal right now; sit tight as many new items will be coming to the Philippines this year.

5G is not a new concept to us anymore, and with more and more brands quickly jumping onto the bandwagon⁠—the very near future will very decidedly be in 5G⁠—make sure to save a seat for Honor’s V30.

All ears were piqued when Harmony OS was mentioned. Already launched in China, the micro-kernel based OS is a huge deal⁠—for both Huawei and Honor⁠—as it envisions an entire ecosystem powered by it.

Taking nearly 10 years of vision and development, Harmony OS is set to seamlessly integrate (pardon the over use of ‘smart’ here) smartphones, smart wearables, smart home devices, smart vehicles, and much more.

Honor Vision, the brand’s smart TV offering, is already powered with Harmony OS (officially the first!) but is currently only available in China. Let’s save all the details for another time but we’ll tell you now that it’s got all the things you’d need/want from a smart TV…and then more. As of writing, there is no word yet on when the company plans to launch it in the Philippines.

The Honor Vision, and yes, that little bit there is a pop-up camera

For developers, the OS will also be open source and supports multiple languages. An integrated development environment (IDE) will be available for multi-device programming and it will be easy to drag and drop codes from the IDE.

On the smartphone side, Honor will also be launching the 9X series along with other accessories this year.