As almost everyone shifted to work from home during the pandemic, the more we realized how crucial it is to have a reliable chair that we can sit on for hours. Many have opted for gaming chairs, only to be disappointed as their designs are usually a hit-or-miss in terms of comfort in both immediate and long-term use. 

If you’re looking for the end-game in office/gaming chairs that will address all your discomfort, you better start saving up now as the Embody Gaming Chair by Herman Miller and Logitech has just been announced.

Herman Miller – known for making very comfortable and expensive office chairs, and Logitech G – the gaming arm of Logitech that’s known for making reliable gaming computer peripherals, have teamed up and created the ultimate gaming chair that promises to eliminate fatigue and improve posture.

The Embody Gaming Chair is based on Herman Miller’s existing Embody office chair that features Pixelated Support at the back to improve posture, comfort, and blood circulation.

“The Embody Chair set the benchmark for pressure distribution, natural alignment, and support for healthy movement, so it was the perfect choice to be modified to meet these needs,” said Tim Straker, Chief Marketing Officer for Herman Miller.

They improved upon it by putting a spine support, curves that will help you simulate your standing position while sitting, and cooling foam to keep players comfortable over long hours of use. There’s also a fiberglass leaf spring for a balanced recline, and 7 points of calibration to give you the ultimate personalization for your chosen sitting position.

“Gamers deserve advanced ergonomic solutions in all aspects of play. We partnered with Herman Miller to evolve their award-winning Embody Chair into a solution that meets the specific needs of gamers today,” said Peter Kingsley, Chief Marketing Officer at Logitech G. 

Included in the partnership is the introduction of the Motia Gaming Desk with an easy touch switch to adjust the height, and Ollin Monitor Arm that has a wide-range of adjustment for your monitor.

Ready for the best part? The Herman Miller X Logitech G Embody Gaming Chair will set you back $1,495, while the Motia Desk will retail at $1,295, and the Ollin Monitor Arm at a cheaper $295.

For more info, check out LogitechG or Herman Miller Gaming.

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