Earlier this month, Google released a slew of announcements at its I/O developer’s conference. One of the new things Google released then was its News app, a replacement for the Play Newsstand and News & Weather apps. One of the main things introduced here is the app’s reliance on today’s buzzword “artificial intelligence” to scour the internet for articles, videos, podcasts, and comments to bring you stories it thinks matter to you.

Trystan Upstill, an engineer who works on News, says you won’t need to provide the app with your preferences. Instead it’ll learn from you. He says, “Our AI constantly reads the firehose of the web for you.”

Some of the new features include a Full Coverage section, which shows you different articles, videos, opinion pieces, etc. on a specific event. The hope is this’ll give you better insight into a big or significant event. In the Headlines section, you get to see the top stories of the day. The Newsstand section helps you find reliable and credible sources to follow. This is also where you can subscribe to your favorite publications. Paying for subscriptions can be done within the app, too. You don’t even need to supply your payment information as you can use the information you’ve stored in your Google sign-in to pay.

The app is available on the web, Android, and iOS.