CAPTION: (L-R): Ericson Del Castillo, Nissan Philippines Inc. General Manager of Human Resources, General Affairs; Rolando Navarro, Nissan Philippines Inc. General Manager of Sales; Atsushi Najima, Nissan Philippines Inc. President and Managing Director; Melecio Mallillin, Mercantile Insurance President, Marlon Joakim Tablizo; Mercantile Insurance Soliciting Officer, Leticia Valenzuela, Mercantile Insurance Senior Vice President.

Nissan has partnered with Mercantile Insurance to offer a new vehicle insurance program for their customers. The Nissan Assured Program provides customers quality insurance coverage and reliable service response at competitive rates, under the automaker’s brand. 

“By giving customers the Nissan guarantee to quickly respond to insurance claims with our award-winning services, we are affirming our commitment in sustaining and enhancing the overall customer ownership experience,” said Atsushi Najima, Nissan Philippines President and Managing Director. 

To learn more information about the Nissan Assured Program, customers can visit their nearest Nissan dealership. 

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