Staying active has become an essential part of one’s daily life and Garmin took this in mind while designing the Venu, vívomove 3, and vívoactive 4 which they launched yesterday, just a few weeks after they launched the Fenix 6 smartwatches.

The latest additions to Garmin’s line of smart wearables are impeccably en vogue and feature a whole host of features like the usual heart rate tracking and step counter—as well as Garmin’s Pulse Ox, which measures the oxygen levels in the body; and Body Battery, which checks energy levels.

The Venu

A smart assistant and fitness coach in one, the Venu is Garmin’s first smartwatch with an AMOLED display. It features a 1.26″ diameter touch screen and a stainless steel bezel while its body is crafted with fiber reinforced polymer and a silicone strap. The battery life of the Venu in smartwatch mode lasts up to five days and with GPS and music on, it can go up to 6 hours before needing a charge.

And of course, you can pair it with your smartphone and receive notifications. Android users may also reply to text messages directly on the Venu. It can also store up to 500 songs and link to your Spotify account.

If you’re serious fitness buff, then you would appreciate the Pulse Ox, Body Battery, and Garmin’s personal trainer feature, where the Venu coaches you through your runs and workouts, you can also take it swimming! It also comes with respiration tracking, sleep monitoring, menstrual cycle tracking, as well as hydration tracking.

the Venu retails at P23,595.

The vívomove 3

The vívomove 3 is very interesting, because it is a hybrid smartwatch that appears like a traditional timepiece—with real ticking hands and elegant dial details but with a flick of the wrist, the hands dynamically move out of the way to reveal a hidden smart screen with health and fitness tracking data, and smart notifications for text messages, social media updates, calendar reminders and more.

The vívomove 3 retails at P16,595

The vívoactive 4

Similar to the Venu, the vívoactive 4 has touch-capacity on its sunlight-visible, transflective memory-in-pixel. Made for adventurers and those who love the outdoors, it features the same health tracking and battery capacity as the venu save for the display, which is optimized for viewing under sunlight.

The vívoactive 4 retails at P21,595.

Availability and After Sales

Garmin’s new lineup will be available in stores next week while the vívomove 3 will arrive by November. These smartwatches are also covered under a 2-year warranty, which is also a first as other countries only have a one-year warranty policy.